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Boston, Weekend Preview »


After a chilly week, a long (and hopefully warm) weekend will be well-deserved.

Boston, Weekend Preview »

laser cats

The title pretty much says it all. The Boston Weekend Preview is heavy on the crazy this week. This weekend’s events in a nutshell are…

Boston, Weekend Preview »

wikimedia commons

This summer the U.S. survived a potential default, Boston survived an epic heat wave…but the question remains, can you survive this weekend?

Boston, Weekend Preview »

guerrilla gay

If you’re reading this, chances are you are used to being out of the mainstream. Gays might not have much of a choice in matter, since sexuality-wise the odds are against us from the beginning. But do you really want to be part of the mainstream anyway? Have you seen what it’s like out there? Have you heard the Friday song?! You’re not missing much.

In keeping up with the anti-mainstream vibe, this weekend’s offerings include guerrilla gays, underground films, and above ground parties to help you close out the month of March in subversive style.