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A new twist in the Prop 8 case, with a court date coming just days after a controversial new judge is expected to join the Supreme Court. New York launches its own attack on the Defense of Marriage Act, and polling brings mostly good news, and a little bad.


It’s been another super busy week so let’s get right to it: Rhode Island is getting civil unions but along with them come some dangerous anti-gay laws. Maine will collect signatures to overturn that state’s marriage ban, and seven couples have sued New Jersey to do the same there. The American Medical Association endorsed marriage equality, the National Organization for Marriage won’t be allowed to use secret donors in Minnesota, the Department of Justice sided against DOMA in one case and with DOMA in another. And as of this weekend, I’ve moved: goodbye San Francisco, and hello West Hollywood.

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Photo Credit: Katy Vertigan

In the blinding rainbow of our excitement about marriage equality let’s not forgot that there are more frightening opponents to face.

Although several candidates have officially declared, and some have officially declined bids – there are still several individuals speculated to announce their run. You pretty much just need to have written a book with the word “America” in the title to be considered for a GOP candidate these days.

For those of you who are uncertain about the effectiveness of Barack Obama’s presidency I hate to tell you- supporting his reelection is your only option.

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Me (the gay marriage Grinch) and my BF, in how I expect we will be married - solemn tasteful karaoke ceremony

This weekend something amazing happened – I started thinking about marrying my boyfriend. When, in the past, I considered the possibility of marriage equality in New York I, of course, expected to feel happy, but what I hadn’t anticipated was how it would change the way I feel about my relationship.


A new poll shows us neck-and-neck in Minnesota, with a vote on marriage still a year off. There’s just two weeks left to pass marriage in New York, but a Senate bill still hasn’t even been introduced yet. Illinois launched civil unions this week as Rhode Island debated doing the same. And a Michigan Republican can’t tell the difference between gay couples and child abusers.

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So now that the ‘Fuck Ruben Diaz’ writing contest has gotten the attention of the senator himself, a few things should be made perfectly clear.

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What do strong independent women have in common with men who love men and women who love women? The obvious answer is that both represent a subversion of traditional western (i.e. Euro-American) gender roles. The roots of the dominant gender paradigm are deep and varied, and manifest very presently in our everyday lives. The cultural assumptions which underlie our deeply rooted sense of what is male and what is female, what is masculine and what is feminine, are so ingrained as to seem so essential that to question them is like a fish questioning water. I think, however, that we can tease some of these out for examination.

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Be thankful I didn't go with my idea to post a picture of Spiro Agnew

I have lived in Maryland for most of my life; I go to college in this state and am registered to vote here. Admittedly, I have a kind of hate/tolerate-and-kind-of-like relationship with the state, but it seems like anytime I find something semi-decent or cool here, something arises to reminds me why I have spent most of my time here despising it.

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In earlier times I think the attitude of “you’re in or you’re out” 100% gay identity made more sense. The dangers were more grave and there was not much place to be “gay AND ________” whether the blank was “father,” “lawyer,” or “football fan.” But I think the very core of my perceptions about my own homosexuality (and incidentally the core of the attitudes on this blog) is that it’s just another part of me. I am not gay first. I’m not a contant political agitator or a Fire Island circuit boy. I’m gay but I’m also an American, a man, a New Yorker, a writer. I don’t feel that being one of these these precludes me from seeking happiness by being others as well.

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A number of organizations, including the Safe Schools Coalition, GLSEN, the Trevor Project, were created to help individuals cope with physical, emotional, and verbal violence toward the LGBTQ community.

April 27th, will mark the two year anniversary of my bashing. At first, I often laughed about it pretending that it didn’t affect me. Look how funny I would say; someone decided they wanted to have a joke on my expenses or silly kids they will grow up to know better. That day still gives me nightmares. What really runs through my head is what would have happened if they didn’t stop, what if they waited longer, or what if the cops actually gave a shit?