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Co będzie Twoją przygodą?, History, Photography »

(c) Guillermo Riveros

Avery would cut through the bottom left corner of the park, to get to a Q-train at 57th Street and eventually home to Brooklyn. Though his iPod had died on the way uptown, he kept the earphones in, only listening to his own muffled footsteps. Each passing lamp post kept him from being swallowed by the black that such a moonless night provided.

Culture, Film »

A scene from the movie "Another Gay Sequel"

I can remember vividly the first time I saw a gay film. I saw an ad for Camp in an XY magazine, and needless to say the 17-year-old in me was giddy with excitement. Camp focuses around a group of high school students at a theater camp. After 30 minutes of lackluster character development, an equally less stellar plot and the fact that the only character who managed to get any ass at theater camp was the straight guy seemed so far-fetched, I deigned to endure it till the end. It was then I realized gay movies actually sucked!