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The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act (FAIR) introduced by the California Senate, eventually passed by the assembly, and signed by Governor Jerry Brown requires the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender history into curricula in California public schools. Without the inclusion of LGBT components, we fail to properly educate students. I feel we also fail to honor those who fought – not only for LGBT rights, but also those who fought for sweeping civil rights who happen to be queer.


A new twist in the Prop 8 case, with a court date coming just days after a controversial new judge is expected to join the Supreme Court. New York launches its own attack on the Defense of Marriage Act, and polling brings mostly good news, and a little bad.


This week’s all about Equality Maryland’s chaos, plus the looming deadline in New York, civil unions in Illinois, and that French politician who compared gay couples to bestiality.

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Don’t want to paint eggs this year? Would you rather not go egg hunting for acid-tripped out plastic eggs? Well this year, Easter can be different. This week in LA, we have a line up of events that will help make this Easter more memorable, apart from the egg hunts and the marshmallow peeps. at the I.O. West Theater, Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott will be guest hosting poking fun at almost famous celebrities and their surrounding lives. A one-day comic book convention in Long Beach will gather those who simply do not want to be outside during the easter picnics. Lastly, the legendary NoBunny will be playing at the Echo this year. Have a great weekend and Hopefully, you can look back at this weekend and say ” Remember that Easter?”

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EMA is Erika M Anderson formerly of the duo Gowns. She had now struck it out on her own, and she sin’t new to the TNG SOTD either. Now we have her first video “California” the second single from her new record out on May 10th. The droning track is a seething rant against California, and EMA gets raw. Enjoy!


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Nothing happened with Prop 8 this week in California, but there was plenty of activity in other states.

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Since we do not have to only define marriage and family politically, culturally, financially, symbolically by gender among heterosexual couples, but rather can defined by non-gender specific variables, such as who has the time to cook dinner and read to the kids, the exclusion of same-sex couples who do exactly the same thing fails the duck test.

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Genderqueer Symbol

I went to Orange County Pride this past weekend that was held at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine. Out of all the Prides I went to this year, Orange County was at the most commercial venue. It was also the smallest Pride of the bunch. I think Orange County Pride also has the most potential to grow but it just needs the community support.

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Between 1 and 3 PM Pacific, San Francisco federal judge Vaughn Walker will release his ruling on the Constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 which has been in various courts since it’s ludicrous enactment in November 2008. The decision will specifically decide whether the Proposition violates the California Constitutions equal protection and due process rights clauses. Read more about it here.

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Pride Energy Drinks

So every year since the invention of Red Bull (launched in 1987) with their amazing advertising campaigns convincing college students, club goers, and programmers everywhere to stay highly caffeinated, several new energy drinks hit the market in an attempt to grab their slice of the market. Many have emerged only to quickly fail at tackling the Goliath. The only brands that have come close at taking any significant percentage of the market are Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle, and maybe Amp which is part of the Pepsi group (read huge marketing budget).