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In the spirit of Halloween, we hope that this SF Weekend Preview, Halloween Edition brings some happiness and people together for a weekend of simple fun.

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Pre – Pride events this weekend, check out gallery shows at First Friday, and see some booty (literally).

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San Francisco gay emo-ish indie band, Ex-Boyfriends, takes the stage at Café du Nord this Thursday to celebrate the release of their new album, Line In/Line Out. Also on hand for the show are The Bruises, Excuses for Skipping and The Shondes. Ex-Boyfriends have been on the scene for a long, long time and are one of the few (next to say, Pansy Division) active all-gay bands showing any sign of life in the city. Pretty surprising given how many indie queers there are here. Line In/Line Out will come out digitally initially, but copies on colored vinyl will be available for purchase at the show. So come out and support them!

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This weekend cabaret goes hand-in-hand at Café Du Nord, queer hipsters go head-to-head at Sub Mission and everyone gets all tied up in a game of Twister at The Stud.

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Scout Niblett n' Scruffy Drummer

Yesterday was Day 3 of Noise Pop, and I think I’ve reached my threshold for crusty indie hipsters. I didn’t realize I was at my upper limits until I growled at a young photographer lady for kneeling on my jacket while trying to snap a pic of one of the bands. “Get off my jacket,” I told her rather tersely. Shocked, she immediately apologized explaining that she mistook it for the stage curtain but then said my response was rather “curt.” She then introduced herself (“Alice”) and tried to make small talk. I was just like, “Get off my fucking jacket, bitch.”