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I fell in love with West Side Story at an early age. My mother, who has been planning to wear a replica of Anita’s purple dress to my wedding one day (that is, if I don’t wear it) first introduced me to it. It’s not just the nostalgia I feel toward the film and music, but it’s a damn good musical. For me, West Side Story and Gypsy are the two best musicals to have come from Broadway. Of course, they both have the god of musical theater Stephen Sondheim and great stage and screen scribe Arthur Laurents in common, still in the early beginnings of their illustrious careers.


The Prop 8 trial is coming to Broadway — and then to theaters all over the country. The fallout from New York continues, with renewed efforts in Maryland and Colorado. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on DOMA’s repeal on Wednesday, the 20th, and meanwhile Canada makes us look bad celebrating the sixth anniversary of marriage equality.

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In earlier times I think the attitude of “you’re in or you’re out” 100% gay identity made more sense. The dangers were more grave and there was not much place to be “gay AND ________” whether the blank was “father,” “lawyer,” or “football fan.” But I think the very core of my perceptions about my own homosexuality (and incidentally the core of the attitudes on this blog) is that it’s just another part of me. I am not gay first. I’m not a contant political agitator or a Fire Island circuit boy. I’m gay but I’m also an American, a man, a New Yorker, a writer. I don’t feel that being one of these these precludes me from seeking happiness by being others as well.

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Larry Kramer’s masterwork of love, rage and pride is on Broadway.