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Jill Sobule has been kissing girls since before Katy Perry was even allowed to use cherry chapstick. So it was exciting enough that her ongoing tour has brought her through Arlington’s Iota club, and even cooler when she agreed to meet me at its owner’s house the next day for a little impromptu duet/rewrite of her decidedly non-seminal classic “I Kissed a Girl.” And though its embarrassing to sing so poorly in front of Jill and John Doe, who founded the band X, I can still say that this was a great way to spend a Saturday. I first remember hearing “I Kissed a Girl” when I was 10 and already knowing that things were gonna be hard for me because I was gay. Having a song like that out there was a great way of normalizing who I was and making me excited about it. And now that I’ve kissed several boys myself I’m glad to know it never gets any less exciting.

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Archer’s most consistently put upon character, though, ends up being granted the most depth. To call Sterling’s butler/manservant Woodhouse “put upon” would be like calling Charlie Sheen “lovably eccentric.” He spent the majority of the first season as a target for Sterling’s insensitivity, constantly cleaning up after his hookers and getting his possessions thrown off the balcony for minor domestic infractions. Recently ,though, he got a doozy of a back story.

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As a group that is often overlooked or discounted in the queer community, we want to hear what you have to say.

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I’m not expecting to fall in love here, I am trying to give my heart some room so that it can heal itself. This includes distracting myself in moments when I am finding myself reminiscing woefully. Last night I did this by playing a game with two different men, the foodies. The game was a little, “Would you either (blank) or (blank)?”

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Viki Dee performed a fantastic cover of Lady Gaga's Born This Way

Revelers sashayed about the Omni Shoreham wrapped in rainbow-colored feather boas, gesturing with Martina-tinis, the gala’s complimentary hot pink cocktail named for the Chair’s Award recipient, Martina Navratilova, in hand. Lime green and hot pink covered anything that didn’t move.

I imagine this what the Washington Blade had in mind when it nominated the Dare to Be gala as the best place to meet women in Washington, D.C.; that, and the overwhelming number of lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals at a single event.

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Bisexual flag

When I kissed a girl for the first time, I thought I was bi. I had always dated men but when I kissed her, I knew I wasn’t kissing her in the way sorority girls do – I was into it. So I came to the logical conclusion that I was bisexual. It wasn’t until a year later after dating both men and women that I realized I was actually gay, and both bi and straight were phases.

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image from speakeasydc.com

Logic, Luck, and Love: A Valentine’s Day Special was shown at Atlas Performing Arts Center by SpeakeasyDC on February 14. This show featured a stage, four folding chairs, four storytellers, and an audience that provided an amazing laugh track.

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For recent years, the media had been a constant source of frustration for me. Not only does it completely fail in setting many positive female images or role models for today’s youth, but its queer representation has been more than savory. Sure, we now have figures like Kurt on Glee and “the gay couple” on Modern Family, but positive and well-developed queer characters are difficult to find on mainstream television. This search only becomes more difficult as one searches for bisexual people. As someone who readily identifies as bisexual, this is a frustrating stand-still.

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A hyphenated name confounds many

What made me give up that comfort of a simple yet elegant last name people could pronounce flawlessly every single time with absolutely no effort? Well, I fell in love, of course. But even before embracing my bi-identity and falling for a woman, I knew I would never toss Jones into the graveyard of patriarchal tradition without a fight. But I’m not sure it’s easier having married a woman – we don’t have naming traditions to guide us, or to rebel against. So, each being in love with our own names – my fiancée already having built her career with hers – but wanting to show our commitment to our new family, we compromised. We embraced the hyphen.

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I know that many of you might be thinking to direct me to some pansexual communities for support. I’ve heard “pansexual” used in positive ways and have met people that identify as such, and yet I am not drawn to the identity in the same way I was with the term “lesbian” (i.e. wow! I want to be that!) I’ve even shrugged off labeling my sexuality, but people still ask, and community is vital to my health. So explain I must. (Or not?)