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Stache Bash

A new monthly party at Julius Bar & Grill – celebrating ALL kinds of facial fur and friends

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gay bar soap

I think we’ve all had this conversation with many of our straight friends before, “Why are there ‘gay bars’ and ‘gay neighborhoods’? You don’t find places labeled ‘straight’ bars and straight’ neighborhoods, do you? As with every excellent question, I like entertaining this one more often than not. But an interesting conversation with my friend Megan this time around helped me arrive at a different conclusion I usually regurgitate to others.

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Women together

Where are all the lesbians?

Have you been asking yourself the same question? If so either you’re going out to early, or you may be involved in the potluck conspiracy. Yes, in cities all over the country it’s happening, lesbians are choosing house parties over clubs more and more, which is fine if you are on the guest list or in a relationship, or in a liberal college but hopeless if you’re single in the city.

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An image of a bartender at the Eagle in New York City.  Heterosexuality within gay bars offers a unique snapshot of heterosexuality as an object of desire. The current phenomena of heterosexual men are, literally, in more bars and in more (queer) places.

“He is so cute! I am going to go flirt with him!” and there he goes again. Taking Dylan to a gay bar was always a spectacle. After our first round of drinks, he shuttles away from me and talks to a new bartender at our favorite gay bar. After a few flashes of Dylan’s pearly whites and the bartender’s ravishing smile to match his, the bartender gently caresses his forearm while taking his drink order. When the bartender returns with his drink, I notice their conversation change and shortly thereafter Dylan returns with an unsavory look on his face. “He’s straight! What the hell is this? Can’t I flirt with someone and not worry if he’s gay?” As I sit there and chuckle at his failed attempt to attract the object of his attention, I wonder, neither should anyone else. The cultural phenomenon of heterosexual males in gay porn parallels the erotic attention for straight bartenders at gay bars and clubs. The two are similarly interesting engagements in queer culture yet straight bartenders perform a uniquely different role compared to their compatriots in the gay porn industry. These bartenders are only serving drinks and cocktails. They are not offering sex. But are they serving more than just cocktails and drinks?

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“Fags! Repent!”

Oh great – those words. Turning to meet them, I rolled my eyes as those funny, short words echoed and bounced toward me over hot summer-baked pavement. The words were intended to hurt but the insult fell flat. “I’ve heard much worse, and much more creative, fuckers,” I thought to myself.

Still, I couldn’t ignore them. My friends and I were in someone’s crosshairs, singled out as needing salvation. What had started as a normal night migrating from bar to bar in search of new friends and hot beats had quickly become something of consequence. With just two words, a divide was drawn between these strangers and my cohort as cloudy and seemingly impassable as the Guinness I had just gulped.

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Dear Alcohol:

It’s time we had a little chat. We’ve been close friends for quite some time now. Over 15 years! Unfortunately, I don’t think I can keep up with you any longer. I love you to bits, but whenever you leave my system you leave me feeling really rough. It’s starting to bring me down a bit. Let me explain.

First off, your allure is so enticing. You come in so many shapes and forms, most of which are delicious. If you can recall, I first fell for you in the form of an amaretto sour. Remember those days, where I’d sip you down, under-aged, in a bar near GW’s campus where anyone with any photo ID could gain entry and partake of you? Remember how scared I was when that police officer walked in, and how he turned out to be picking up a carry-out order? That was great!

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Hi, everyone! My name is Bryan, and I’m new. God, how geeky did that sound? Well, I am new to TNG, and I’m really excited to be your tour guide around this totally and truly crazy city called San Francisco that’s been my home for the last 3 years. And my apologies in advance for this, really. I promise, you might be cocking your eyebrow at the things I tell you to do, but at the end, you’ll at least be drunk. And also forgive me if this first Weekend Preview is a little light, but I only got permission to post like yesterday. This is what you get on such short notice. Don’t like what you see here? Want more? Say hi, mkay? Email me at bryan@thenewgay.net.