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You know what makes it hard to write sex jokes on a Friday afternoon? Paralyzing, recurrent earthquake-induced anxiety attacks, and the acute Kantian terror of seeing a giant uncaring death spiral lurch toward the cities and people you love. TNG promises puns next week so long as D.C. isn’t reduced to a fetid slurry of salt water, pulverized marble, and broken flesh. God damn.

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(courtesy Discovery Channel)

Some people help their friends move by having packing parties, by donating boxes they have laying around the house, or by lending their truck for the day. I help my friends move by making sure they’ve got their priorities straight. “So what’s your Rage Virus plan?” Sure it’s great that they’re getting to know their local grocer and getting accustomed to the nearby bus routes, but if they’re not preparing themselves for the day when a rampant plague summons hordes of walking dead to their doorstep, then I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time and love on someone who’s for all intents and purposes just one more zombie from which I’ll need to defend myself.

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I’m not looking forward to 21 December 2012 because I’ve been persuaded by the Left Behind series to believe that I’ll have a direct ticket to Heaven when the Rapture arrives, in fact, by the standards set in the book and followed by Rapture-theory subscribing Christians, I’m one of those who will be left behind on this Earth, I think because I haven’t accepted Jesus into my heart, but I’m not totally clear on that. I’m looking forward to 21 December 2012, and the two years or so between now and then, because its fun to think about the end of the world. Don’t take me for some kind of Emo-kid when I say this, although I liked the Y2K scare, too. I honestly just work better with a rapidly approaching deadline.

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Wez and his blond lover/slave-boy, XXX

Two classics of the post-apocalyptic movie genre, thanks to The Cinefamily.