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Elasmotherium1 (1)

Your Managing Editor fell asleep on his desk this afternoon with a nice dry German wine and a Firefox window full of science blogs in front of him, so you get to read about evolutionary trends in Pleistocene megafauna. As he asks the other 9.1% of unemployed Americans about cheaper, more social ways to kill time on Friday afternoons, check out some highlights from this week’s content:

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A few weeks ago, I suffered a birthday. At my age, I no longer care to celebrate birthdays. I merely endure them, as inconspicuously as possible, and hope no one else remembers. I am none too thrilled about getting older. I feel okay, but age does strange and disturbing things to the body. Plus, society in general tends to be a bit youth-obsessed, and gay men in particular can be extremely ageist. I’ve tried to keep myself in relatively decent shape; however, over the years, my skin has lost a considerable amount of elasticity, and I find that exercise doesn’t have quite the impact it once did. Mercifully, people rarely think that I look my age. Although, I’m not sure how my age is supposed to look. I consider it to be case-specific. I believe that genetics and self-improvement play a substantial role in determining how one does or does not display the influence of time. Personally, I often think I’m gross. And occasionally, I suffer, to varying degrees, from feelings of obsolescence. I’ve tried to rise above it, but it never fully dissipates. Being single doesn’t really help all that much.

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Glaad to meet ya, handsome! courtesy Greg Hernandez, flickr.com/people/35735432@N07)

Robert Gant is best known for playing Michael Novotny’s HIV positive boyfriend Ben on the American version of Queer as Folk. He’s very talented, an out and proud actor, and very vocal on GLBT issues. Also, my friend met him once and said that he’s totally really nice and that his ass looks incredible in jeans. Whycome is it, then, that I saw him in an Olive Garden commercial yesterday?

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In my top 10 since "The Mole"

I’m not saying we’re age-blind, and fame’s cruel to everyone, much less the slightly wrinkled. But bottom line, besides occasionally giving in to our weaker impulses to bag on an old bag or two (we’re coming for you, Sharon Osborne!) I think there’s reason to say that gay men are more willing than their straight counterparts to see a sexy silver lining.