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On Friday, we heard the good news that the deportation hearing for Henry Velandia has been postponed until December, based on a surprising statement from Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday about a similar but unrelated case. Many thanks go to all the organizations that helped out with the process of drawing attention to Henry’s case — let us debrief a bit here about what happened.

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Activists from Join the Impact Chicago, GetEQUAL and Video Action League were Arrested After Refusing to Leave the Bureau Without a Marriage License

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I personally think of queer activism — in my definition, any and all attempts, on any scale, that an individual makes to better the world for LGBTs — as a group effort akin to building a city. If you are building a city, you will want parks and schools. You would not ask a math teacher to plan a playground. You would not ask a construction foreman to coach softball. But the second one enters the so-called “activist” arena, their individual skills, intentions and decisions go the way of the dodo. No sooner will a person announce their desire to try and help than six others will pop up to tell them exactly how they’re doing it wrong.

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Gay rights activist groups plan to rally at noon outside of the U.S. Capitol for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The protest comes after the repeal failed 57-40 in the Senate. Democrats needed 60 votes in order to end the fillibuster.

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In a press release from Ford last night, a third of the $70,000 funds that the EAA had through Tides Center (their fiscal sponsor) were given to GetEqual, a different, private pro-LGBTQ organization. This was after an alleged e-mail was sent to Tides from an EAA board member campaigning for a GE grant, which was not authorized by the board. GetEqual, according to EAA, was not an entity when the money was raised.