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What happens when you take two amazing artists and put them together? This:

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Crossposted with permission from Matt Baume.
It’s been a relatively quiet week: the anti-gay industry is planning to protest gay couples’ weddings, Senator Leahy will hold hearings on DOMA …

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Santigold has been quite in the few years since the release of her debut record, but that is all about to change. She is currently prepping a new record and today we have the first single, “GO” featuring the one and only Karen O. The two singers voices are a perfect blend for each other. Nick Zinner also of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs offers guitar and the track was produced by Santigold, Diplo’s buddy Switch and Q-Tip. Take a listen below:

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Looking for a spot to watch the State of the Union address tonight? Politico has featured Busboys as a good place to watch the speech. Join them at all of their locations at 9 p.m. for a State of the Union watch party!

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If a girl doesn’t meet the stereotype of how a lesbian should “look,” i.e. if she’s more femme than butch, it can be difficult to tell her sexuality. But there are ways.

I tend to rely on a 4-point checklist, which is definitely not foolproof but generally helps me when my gaydar fails.

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It’s Thanksgiving, you’ve gorged yourself silly, and now you’re looking to spend a little horizontal time. If you ask me, after a good food binge there’s nothing better than a binge on a season or two of your favorite television show(s).

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It’s difficult to describe Tabatha without using tired reality TV clichés, but it’s also misleading to avoid them. The genre is bursting at the seams with self-described “tell it like it is” personalities. Most of these people, however, are soon revealed to be petty bitches. Tabatha’s the rare breed who can back it up. She’s also “real” without being scripted, she gives “tough love” that actually comes from a caring place, and she’s “not here to make friends” but she often does anyway. Plus she’s an out-and-proud lesbian.

In short, she’s a natural reality star.

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When I heard about Tyler Clementi for the first time, I looked into the face of a stranger. I didn’t know his middle name or what he was really like, but when I heard that he had leapt off of a bridge to take his own life, I cried. When I heard about Tyler Clementi for the first time, I saw that many commentators and bloggers were confused by this sudden suicide, said that they couldn’t fathom the incredible loneliness that leads to such a drastic action.When I heard about Tyler Clementi for the first time, I cried because I did understand. I cried because America is full of Tyler Clementis. I cried because I was Tyler Clementi.

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UK producer Burns has been blowing up the scene with his recently dance tracks that take from disco as well as current house scenes. The producer makes tracks a lot like current DJ Grum, and The Bag Raiders though with an Ed Banger flair. Fred Falke is the incredible DJ/Bassist extraordinaire who can practically do no wrong. His disco tinged remixes and slamming solo-tracks are just what dance music needs. After remixing the Burns single “First Move,” Fred Falke and Burns got together to make something new. The duo’s creation is one of the best dance singles of the year, “YSLM (You Stopped Loving Me).” Full of disco strings and an incredibly addictive hook, the track has been blowing up thanks to DJs like Annie Mac and because of the song’s incredibly cute video. Today’s song of the day is the equally as good Treasure Fingers remix which strips the male hook of the track down to the female back-up.

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Autobio comics get a fair amount of guff for being self-indulgent or navel gazing, but a good autobio is just as much about pointing out universal truths as they are what you had for breakfast. Erika Moen’s Dar! Vol. 2, is the second anthology of her webcomic hit, Dar! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary. The book highlights the comic’s beginnings (2003 – 2005), and goes up until its (possibly timely, but definitely depressing) end in 2009. For people who have read Ariel Schrag’s Potential or Definition, Dar! Vol. 2 poses an interesting counterpoint. As Schrag’s work focuses on coming out in high school, Moen’s comics follow the author through college and beyond.