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Friday Staff Survey

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From the compensatory sense of mastery and accomplishment a good SimCity binge might bring us to the exciting kinds of social experimentation opened up by World of Warcraft, queers have famously turned to electronic gaming for any number of interesting reasons.

What is your favorite video/computer game, and why?

Friday Staff Survey, Ideas »

From furtive high school visits to GoAskAlice.com to the Dan Savage podcast we now enjoy with our afternoon coffee, sex advice has always been an important part of queer culture in ways not reducible to its medical value. It’s sometimes too easy, though, to assume that words of wisdom from a parent, teacher, or friend are always competent, accurate, and helpful.

What is the worst sex advice you’ve ever received?

Friday Staff Survey, Ideas »

The dog days of summer are upon us, the time when the sun shines the brightest, cicadas sing the loudest, and tropical heat drives us all into fevered Lovecraftian abysses of nocturnal terror.

What was your most recent summer nightmare, and how did you interpret it?

Friday Staff Survey, Ideas »

Summer is the time when children return home to drive their parents insane. Parents, being the savvy creatures they are, have devised many a tactic to keep their irritating progeny at an arm’s length, including summer school, internships, jobs, and of course, CAMP. What did your parents do to keep you out of the house? Feel free to dive into any sexy sleep-away camp stories that may apply here, too, since I alas never had an overnight camp experience and would welcome the confirmation that at least someone else somewhere else did.

Friday Staff Survey, Ideas »

Getting dumped is never easy. Even when you are the one doing the dumping. Sometimes its long and drawn out, and sometimes its short and sweet (or even mutually agreed upon). I remember so vividly the episode of Sex and The City where Carrie Bradshaw was dumped via post-it note.

Friday Staff Survey, Ideas »

It’s almost here. Summer. Do you have your vacation planned yet? Whether it’s Rehoboth Beach (again) or Rio, TNG staffers let us know where they’ll be spending their best days this Memorial Day, June, July, August or Labor Day.

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A little escapism never did anyone wrong, right? Do you ever find yourself in just another boring day, staring at the walls of your cubicle and gaydreaming away about the exciting life you were just meant to live?

Friday Staff Survey, Media »

“With modern gaming systems, computer flash games, and incessant hours spent on the iPhone launching angry birds… traditional board games seem to be a dying breed. Why blow the dust off a box in the closet when you can log-on to Xbox-Live and shoot up cities with your friends from the comfort of your own living room? I have fond memories playing board games as a kid, spending time with my friends and family around the kitchen table rolling the dice and moving over-sized plastic pieces across laminated cardboard. What was your favorite board game growing up and your most fond memory with that board game?”

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As spring settles in across the North American continent and sober, pragmatic, serotonin-deprived winter uniforms and attitudes give way to the dizzying diversity of queer expression, the differences in dress, body art, speech, interests, and much else we use to mark ourselves as a part of a particular scene become more apparent. This week, we asked our staff to imagine that you could trade those skinny jeans, tattoos, and humanities degrees (or whatever defines you) for any other set of socioeconomic markers:

If you could spend a week as a part of a different subculture, what would it be and why?

Friday Staff Survey, Humor »

In honor of April Fools’ Day, we asked the staff the following: What is your favorite memory of a practical joke?