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Homo/Sonic has missed the Black Cat and we hear that you’ve been missing it too. So Join The New Gay for a night of dancing to indie, electro, retro, disco, booty pop and beyond.

This time, we will be celebrating the birthday of DJ Natty Boom. If you can’t come out and dance for that, what CAN you come out and dance for?

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Thanks to all who made the post-St. Patty’s pilgrimage down to the Black Cat last Friday for Homo/Sonic. Check out the TNG Flickrstream below for Hans’ visual recap, and Zack and Michael’s playlists to find out what musical gems conspired with those drink specials to rob you of small amounts of dignity and knee cartilage.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to Homo/Sonic: Natty Boom Birthday Explosion at the Black Cat this past Saturday night. We had a great crowd and a the three of us had a blast! Stay tuned for the next Homo/Sonic. And Happy Birthday, Ebony!

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I can’t believe the end of the beginning of 2010 is already upon us. Time continues to fly. This does mean, however, that we’re that much closer to warmer weather in our fair District, which is something to look forward to. But we’ll have to brave the snow and cold this weekend, as it appears January is set on giving us something to remember it by. Check out below for some suggestions of ways to celebrate or mourn the end of this month in DC this weekend.

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Thanks to everyone who came out for Homo/Sonic on Saturday, January 2 2010. We definitely had a blast, and guest DJ Natty Boom made it a booty-shaking, pants-dropping, boob-flashing great time. Check out the pictures below or on Facebook where, of course, you can tag yourself and your friends. The set list from last night is also below.

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Joining TNG’s own DJs Michael and Zack, guest DJ Natty Boom (from the Anthology of Booty DJ Crew) will help ring in the first rockin’ queer indie dance party of the year 2010.

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Join TNG for our first rockin’ queer indie dance party of the year 2010. Even in the new year we’ll still be featuring the best indie, alternative, retro, and pop dance music with a coed, trans-inclusive, straight-friendly crowd of people just dying to meet you.

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The weekend of October 9th will be an exciting one in the district, as queers from all over god’s creation will descend upon the city for Cleve Jones’ National Equality March. And TNG is doing its part to make it just a little more exciting. We will be holding Homo/Sonic, our flagship alternaqueer dance party, at the Black Cat on Sunday, October 11. The coed, trans-inclusive, straight-friendly event will feature its usual mix of alternative, indie, electro, retro, pop, glam, etc. music by DJs Zack and Michael.

But there’s more! First Ladies DJ Collective member DJ Junebullet (nee’ Maegan Wood) will be doing two guest DJ sets as well. Junebullet is a great DJ who regularly DJs at Phase 1 party HottBoxx. It’d be great for you to come out and celebrate with all of us.

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As I mentioned before, I will be visiting the west coast next week. Though my offer to meet with anyone who is interested in writing for TNG stands, I have even more exciting news:Homo/Sonic, TNG’s co-ed, trans-inclusive, straight-friendly dance party will be having its West Coast debut on Wednesday, September 16, at The Chapel Bar.

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Yes, it’s been a long time and, no, we shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to. So hopefully you’ll be jazzed to learn that Homo/Sonic lives! TNG’s regular queer, co-ed, trans-inclusive, and straight-friendly dance party will be all up in the Black Cat (1811 14th St.) once again this Friday, August 28th. Doors open at 9:30, cover is $10 and, with Zack and Michael spinning the hot fire, you’re sure to have a blast. But wouldn’t you have a slightly bigger blast if you got in for free? To win two free tickets, simply answer the below question as both a comment and an email to Rocky@thenewgay.net: