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Atomic Hotel Erotica (2014)
Released February, 02 2014


Director : Dean McKendrick.
Cast : Krissy Lynn, Sophia Bella, Mary Carey, Eric Masterson, Ryan Driller.
Genre : Comedy.
Duration : 1 hours 22 minutes

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I am pretty fresh and sheltered when it comes to the history and realities of HIV/AIDS in our community; I wasn’t born until the early 90’s, have almost always lived in suburbia, and have never known anyone who has HIV/AIDs, let alone died from it. According to Larry Kramer, that puts me in the league of the lazy, uneducated gays of my generation by default (after he admonishes me for calling myself queer). However, I strive to be neither purposefully ignorant nor excessively fearful.

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I have plenty of friends and fellow kinksters who are interested and curious about going to dungeon parties with me but a lot of them (and a lot of people in general) are under the impression that it’s a free-for-all group fuckfest where fluids are splashing against the walls in bucketloads, whips are cracking right and left, and people are writhing, screaming, and collapsing into each other in one big, sweaty, leather-clad heap.

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Many people throughout history have engaged in consensual power exchange as well as sadism and masochism. Playing with power dynamics and acknowledging differences in power in our society is healthy. Pretending like these systems are not in place in our day-to-day lives is not.

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For two years, I was the only person in my apartment building having loud sex. This made me very sad, as it meant that there was no proof that anyone other than mmself was getting it good. After finally hearing a happily screaming neighbor, it dawned on me to found this society.

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The discussion of trans bodies and sexual identities is one that, understandably, comes up a lot. There are many opinions on how people should or shouldn’t react to trans bodies, and how such people can or should be able to identify. I think that these topics are very valid and should be talked about. I just want to say before I start talking that these are only my thoughts. Yours might be different, that’s totally okay, and I would love to hear about them.

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Master Aiden addresses some of his BDSM following’s curiosities.

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Once I realized I could see almost any guy I wanted to see naked for $100 or less it was like the day Superman realized his own powers. Spiderman had the power of agility and Wonderwoman had the power of her breasts. In the shadows of neon I have discovered the balance between the power of the Benjamin Franklin and the power of the cock.

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Two hours later, after I sent the cum shot he checked in to make sure it was all a joke. Indeed it was, and I’ll never sext again.

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I had a crush on a really cute boy. It ended when I realized I could never be the Lamb Chop to his Shari Lewis.