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It’s understandable that a straight guy doesn’t want to have sex with another guy. The problem for me is the drawn out and debasing lecture in which he frames his dislike. It’s the soapbox diatribes about the awful, repugnant, I’d-rather-die-than-yada-yada-yada aspects of male-to-male intimacy that rub me the wrong way. It’s the subtle and innocuous way that heterosexism keeps homosexuality on the margins while reasserting its own dominance that I resist. Intentions aside, this rhetoric by straight guys regarding homosexuality only serves to devalue homosexuality—posing it as a distortion, an inferior derivative of heterosexuality.

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Our long lost contributor Robert wrote a brilliant post a few years ago about gay house parties. While many were upset at his vilification of flip flops on gay men (among other things) the accuracy with which he described the experience was uncanny. I’m going to offer up a few additional tips for attending gay house parties, since I just hosted one and I’m feeling inspired.

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Taxes are just a metaphor for life, because everything is taxing. I used to believe that anything worth doing was going to take a little effort, but these urban attacks on my financials, my better job situation and my personal life and time seem to be taking on mammoth porportions lately. What is the ratio of bullshit to existence that my Mother intend for me to contend with in order to keep safe, sane and consensual I ask myself? Is it just the PMS, or in the middle of rainy deadline driven April am I finally ready to really set something, or someone, on fire? Finally.

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Someone who mentions “sexual preference” or who claims to support “the gay lifestyle” probably doesn’t mean to suggest that being gay is actually a choice. Nonetheless, our language reflects our beliefs, and it’s time we stop allowing the belief that gayness is a choice to pollute our vocabulary.

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By even suggesting that you remove the T from the GLB, you are asking some of us to pick between two facets of our identity. In addition to that, making us have to fight an uphill battle on both sides as we fight for our rights not only as trans people, but also as queers…Separately. Personally, that makes me feel really fucking invalidated.

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When we heard about Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” we were hoping for a gay anthem that sounded like Lady Gaga, not Lady Gaga sounding like a stereotypical gay anthem.

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I’m trans, and sometimes I like to watch other trans people get down and dirty. Why? Because it is an affirming experience that helps tell me that I might not die sexually-isolated and alone because I happen to be trans. The other reason is because just like cisgender people, transgender people can be goddamn sexy too (what a surprise, right?).

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Three days, five hours, twenty seven minutes, and thirty seconds until I am dead. As a gay senior citizen in my last moments of being thirty five I’ve accepted my gay visibility officially ends when I turn thirty six Saturday.

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It is just a day (and usually a cold day here); everyone goes nuts about it, stores suddenly have weird hours or are closed altogether, and people make promises they aren’t really going to keep. What are we celebrating anyway?

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I’m not looking forward to 21 December 2012 because I’ve been persuaded by the Left Behind series to believe that I’ll have a direct ticket to Heaven when the Rapture arrives, in fact, by the standards set in the book and followed by Rapture-theory subscribing Christians, I’m one of those who will be left behind on this Earth, I think because I haven’t accepted Jesus into my heart, but I’m not totally clear on that. I’m looking forward to 21 December 2012, and the two years or so between now and then, because its fun to think about the end of the world. Don’t take me for some kind of Emo-kid when I say this, although I liked the Y2K scare, too. I honestly just work better with a rapidly approaching deadline.