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And as a my friend Kevin said on a profound car ride once, ‘”You can be your race within your community and go home to your family and easily identify with your family. But when your gay, you dont come home to a family of gay people”. The disidentification from queer and race, in this case, strikes at family and community where sexual identification may be a stronger identification marker than being a racialized individual.

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The double edge sword of assimilation had a negative effect on black educators and black students. With the Supreme Court decision, many of the black teachers were terminated from their position. [Prior to the Brown v. Board of Education decision, 96 percent of full-time faculty in black schools consisted of black women. The field of teaching has historically provided a significant means of upward mobility, particular for African-American women.] The new policy of an integrated form of education provided avenues for future economic success for black children it meant the decline in population of black educators. White teachers were entrusted with the assimilation process of the black student population. Black children assimilated into this culture based on the normative practices of white aesthetics and Heteronormativity.

DisOrienting Encounters, Race »

Manila Luzon, the roving reporter, was interviewing Kristin Cavelleri and from the moment she opened her mouth, I was offended. As the show continued, the discussion of Manila’s offensive satire at garnering a good laugh out the judges as well as America and her subsequent win that week, left me with question of my own.

Is it alright to make fun of race when a member of the same race takes a stab? Is satire the same thing as racism? Was her performance supposed to be funny? If it was supposed to be funny, could we just have called this performance “Oriental” rather than “Asian”.

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The most prudent thing I learned this past weekend is that we need to reject this notion of who is oppressed more and whom the system is out to get the most. What we need to do is focus on building community and real ties with other oppressed people. We need to see that we all blend across the spectrum, and that we are all inherently different. We must see that our equality will create nothing more then our assimilation into heterosexual society. Our uniqueness will be lost and we will still be oppressed. Our liberation will come when we take a step back and truly look at ourselves for who we are: humans with dignity.

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When do you have to give up a part of whom you are and where you come from just to be noticed? Vivek Shraya explores this notion in his short video titled Seeking Single White Male.
In the video, he talks about what came up in gay bars when he was younger and his feeling like he had to assimilate to a more “white” culture to be seen. “After having conversations with other persons of color, I became aware that this experience is unfortunately pretty common,” Shraya told TNG.

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I love porn. I’ll admit it, I do. I think porn is an excellent way of understanding how one sees people as sexual objects and a great place where people negotiate identities and ideas of race. People forget it is still a film genre, the most watched film genre in many respects, I argue. So it is very telling when I watch porn for its ideas about race and how I nearly I find every queer Asian male as consistently the bottom- the sexually passive, anally penetrated member of a sexual encounter.

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When grandma locked her door every time she saw a black person how much of a role did that play when my body compass began to form? How much did the messages we received at five determine who we want to sleep with when we are thirty five?

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Family remains very central in Asian -American culture, as does any culture for that matter. Its what we go home to and relate ourselves with from the outside world. But this deep connection with family and the process of homosexuality identity formation for young Asian-American queers also serves as a source of anxiety and stress which grows increasingly difficult overtime.

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Being queer to me has been much of an identifier and central in my life as Asian. When I describe myself, I identify as queer and then Filipino. But the Filipino doesn’t fall too far behind. While I understand what male sexuality is because of my seat as a queer male, I am privy to understanding male sexuality better than women because, hell, I am a man who sleeps with other men. Who better to discuss male sexuality than queer men. But being queer AND Asian, I am at an intersection which yields two ENTIRELY different and separate experiences that signal discrimination on two fronts.

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So, my fellow Arizonans, if the aim of this new law is to identify, prosecute and deport, the only hiccup is with the first action: identification. Isn’t it impossible to detect an illegal immigrant based on their appearance? Well, not anymore!