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I stood in the club. Jennifer Lopez blared out of the speakers. An endless parade of shirtless douchebags nudged and elbowed me. My friends were in the bathroom and I stood alone. I reached for my cell phone to pretend I was texting someone. Saved by the cell.

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About a year ago I saw an update in my Twitter feed that read, “Gay friend for sale on ebay! Tells funny blowjob jokes and will say if your ass looks fat in your H&M dress. Comes groomed!” It was then followed with the eponymous hashtag, #beingayisgay. Now, with nearly 7,000 followers, the satirical Twitter account has become quite a hit. The tweets, which are usually nothing short of hilarious, poke fun at aged stereotypes of gay men. Promiscuity, alcoholism, and concern with fashion all color what can best be described as a caricature of the young and bitchy urban homosexual male.

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In honor of April Fools’ Day, we asked the staff the following: What is your favorite memory of a practical joke?

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Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the glorious Taj Mahal in memory of his third wife. It stands in Agra, India, to this day as a symbol of everlasting love. Although fictional, we all know that Romeo and Juliet were totally down with dying for each other. People have written letters to a distant lover for years during wartime, staying faithful, hoping to reunite. Now, couples break up over kitchen remodeling, computer usage or tiny gambling addictions.

What happened to grand romantic gestures?

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Who is responsible for this new trend in independent music? I don’t know of any Muslim rock bands, so I hold no blame there. Maybe a surplus of Lungfish fans secretly mimicked Daniel Higgs’ grizzle at the same time some Canadian hipsters started their own Destroyer cover band and things caught on? If so, others shouldn’t be let off the hook. Sure those mentioned below rock their beards hard, but they still deserve blame for this hairy rock n’ roll fad.

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Last year, after incorrectly theorizing that plaid had reached its apex in the indie-fag community, I attempted to chart the upcoming trends of 2010. Skinny jeans haven’t gone anywhere, and the Deep V continues its reign of terror on this nation’s chests and eye sockets, but I haven’t given up my dream of a better tomorrow. In that spirit, here are my forecasted trends of 2011. Some things we loved will be “out” and some trends you hoped to never see, not even with someone else’s eyes, might be “in.” Some are just my attempts at padding this article. Whether or not they come to pass, I know that Ghandi will smile upon my efforts to be the change I wish to see at The Black Cat.

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So apparently Michael thinks Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. I personally think Michael should get his head checked. Sure it’s a great time to eat and drink, but for anyone going back home it can also mean a whole year’s worth of family bonding, brawling and back-stabbing packed into one four-day weekend. Factor in flight delays, crying babies and newly-introduced significant others and its a miracle that people put the turkey into the oven and not their own heads. So without any delay I present TNG Zack’s guide to surviving Thanksgiving.

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TOP TEN for THANKSGIVING: This is my personal guide to You, for not just surviving the holidays, but embracing them, and experiencing joy.