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I was happy to see a recent TNG post from a guest contributor entitled Dropping The ‘T’ To Save It. The post did its best to be completely supportive of the trans community while at the same time asking serious and hard questions, such as: Are trans people best served by being allied with the gay and lesbian community in their joint struggle for rights? I’m not going to summarize the post, since every word was well chosen and I’d only do it injustice. Instead, I am going to react to some of the comments it received.

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I walk across the parking lot of an Asian supermarket in one of Washington, D.C.’s larger suburbs. You couldn’t ask for a better day in February. The sun glints off windshields and you can smell the snow melting. I just finished a round of shopping for cheap produce. I am heading to the tiny beer and wine place next door. I have plans for a vegetarian pot roast of sorts; though, I really need to find a better way to describe it since there really isn’t any ‘roast’ involved. I’m not really thinking about cooking though. I’m thinking about gender.

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By extension, the feeling of being a woman is funny and something to be laughed at while being a man leaves the audience a sense that it cannot be touched, questioned or tampered with.

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Growing up queer is no easy task. To be completely honest, being a queer adult can be just as confusing at times. Now in my late twenties, while I’m no longer the young Princess Boy playing with Barbies and trying on my mother’s heels in her closet, I did paint my kitchen pink (with black trim), and I now have the Barbie logo tattooed on my chest across my heart—for my mom—for doing the best she could, and for all the times I was able to play and pretend.

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For centuries, nearly every culture allowed for some kind of expression beyond what we would now view as masculine and feminine roles. Those who lived on these borderlands between genders were often thought to have a sacred perspective, one that allowed them understand gendered interactions in ways that no else could.

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Have you heard yet of Andrej Pejic, the 19-year old Serbian model? He’s the new face of Marc Jacobs and has been causing quite a stir across the Internet over his strikingly androgynous look. He may become the biggest star of what is being labeled the “femiman” in the world of fashion, a crop of increasingly genderless-looking models who seem to fit just as naturally in both men’s and women’s clothing.

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As I walked into the Carter’s kid’s clothing store on North and Clybourn in the days before X-Mas, my eyes were drawn left to right and right to left by the vast color differential in an even more extreme way than those exhilarating first moments of walking into the GAP. Everything on the right is PINK and everything on the left is BLUE (with some greens and browns mixed in there unobtrusively). There are very few items without a sports reference, but lucky for me, I find one with a dinosaur. But as I go back and forth in the boys and girls sections, frustrated a lack of gender neutral (yet cute) clothing, I also try to picture buying my 2 year old niece a blue hoodie with a stegosaurus, or my 2 month old nephew a onesie with a pink flower on it. Somehow, those images seem silly.

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One of the first questions that my some of my friends (who know about me being trans) was, “Are you going to start being full-time once you go over there?”

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Take a good look at your ID. Presumably it looks like you even if you have to squint a little. What if it didn’t look like you at all?

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I work in a bookstore at a big, busy international airport and, thus, encounter many bizarre people. Bizarrely normal. The past two days, two irksome incidents occurred and they are more similar than may appear at the surface.