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Yeah, well while my sexuality shouldn’t matter, it actually does. Loose lips, sink ships, so to speak. I’ve actually lost clients after openly chatting about my girlfriend. The most brazen firing was by woman, whom we will call Terri, who actually e-mailed me just minutes after I had left her home to tell me that she was “concerned” that my “openness” would confuse her children. Thus my secret identity was bord: My live-in girlfriend, the love of my life, became “my roommate” and I became a queer by day, hetero-by-omission by night.

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Awkwardness over sexual orientation at its finest!

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You’re going out and you have to bring a purse. You’re drinking at the bar feeling hot and some chick asks you to dance. All of a sudden you realize you’re not an octopus. How do you manage to hang on to your purse, drink and sex appeal with the body God gave you?

First of all, this question should be irrelevant for lesbians. Being a lesbian gives us the unique freedom to wear pants with pockets and still get laid…we should all be taking advantage of this. Actually, we should take a page out of Paris Hilton’s book – she needs her drink and her cell and that bitch is good to go. But ok, lesbians come in all types, and if we all wore jeans with pockets or fanny packs, there would be nothing for me to write about, so here’s what I think.

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It’s common knowledge that the holidays can be a difficult time of year for most, and that LGBTQ folks can endure their own kind of awkwardness during large family gatherings; however, spending time with your ‘assigned-family’ or your partner’s (whether for a large commercial holiday or celebrating a personal milestone) doesn’t always have to equal disaster. Before you decide between A) packing all your belongings into a Pod and taking a last minute trip to Atlantic City to pretend you don’t live with their daughter and B) practicing your grin-and-bear-it grimace and planning your most non-lesbo-looking outfits to wear back-to-back for the duration of the long weekend, be sure you are making a decision well-informed of the pros and cons for such a commencement experience. Use the list below as reference guide to brainstorming some of your own.

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Everyone knows they need to be their own PR agent these days, but are confused about where and how to begin! The answer has probably been staring you in the face this whole time: Oral Relations.

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My internal GPS is a little off these days. It seems that there are a lot of roads under construction and I haven’t yet updated the latest maps. In the 3 months since I started this site many things have happened and the big question now is one of direction.

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Q: Dear Mom,

For those of us spending the holidays alone this year, what’s your advice for combating those pesky “holiday blues”?

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The holidays are not for everyone. Not everyone gets into the spirit. Some people don’t have great trips or families to visit for holiday cheer. Whether you have moved to a new city with no new friends, are separated from your family due to issues, or have to work during the holidays making it impossible to travel, here are some tips to try to make the best of the holidays and keep you from getting the holiday blues!

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Now talking politics with your family can be hard no matter who you are or the issue at hand, but sometimes things get even dicier when discussing LGBT issues. This week, Zack’s mom, Gaga, counsels a reader who’s trying to bridge the gap between politics and family.

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One day last week, my mother and I spent the afternoon shopping – as we have spent many afternoons during my unemployment. Twice during the week we frequented the same store, and each time I made eye contact with a specific female employee. The look was not so long as to constitute a stare; in fact, it was probably imperceptible to the average observer. It was simply purposeful. It was a moment of prolonged eye contact that I have come to describe as “The Look.”

The Look: (n.) An exchange of eye contact between two women acknowledging homosexual tendencies or orientation. The Look can, but does not always, indicate sexual or romantic interest.