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I fell in love with West Side Story at an early age. My mother, who has been planning to wear a replica of Anita’s purple dress to my wedding one day (that is, if I don’t wear it) first introduced me to it. It’s not just the nostalgia I feel toward the film and music, but it’s a damn good musical. For me, West Side Story and Gypsy are the two best musicals to have come from Broadway. Of course, they both have the god of musical theater Stephen Sondheim and great stage and screen scribe Arthur Laurents in common, still in the early beginnings of their illustrious careers.

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This April, the New York Philharmonic staged a concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s great 1970 musical Company that was recorded and is currently being shown in movie theaters across the country. Next week there are two final screenings, on June 19 and 21. If you’ve never seen Company now is your chance.

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Last night, I attended my first D.C. Pride event and I am completely sold. Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company presented SpeakeasyDC’s production of “Don’t Ask, Do Tell: stories about coming out, coming clean, or just plain coming.” SpeakeasyDC puts on a great show: bluntly honest, hysterical, and heartfelt. This production not only exceeded expectations, but it brought something else to the evening as well: non-judgmental Pride.

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Tony Kushner and Oskar Eustis have a conversation at The Public about iHo, theater, politics, New York and much more.

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Currently touring the U.S. is the powerhouse, 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, Next to Normal. Making its Broadway debut in the spring of 2009, the musical closed in January of this year, just short of two years. It was hailed as one of the most innovative and breathtaking musicals to hit the Great White Way since Rent, dealing with issues relevant to contemporary culture and American life, while utilizing the conventions of the musical, but with a wholly original and beautiful score.

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Magnificent Waste, a Factory 449 production, by Caridad Svich and Directed by John Moletress is playing from April 9 – until May 8 at the Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint in Washington D.C.

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The Illusion is Kushner’s most joyfully theatrical play, a wildly entertaining tale of passion and regret, of love, disillusionment and magic.

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Here’s a scene from “The Book of Mormon,” the just-debuted musical comedy written by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the pair who’ve made millions taking sinful swipes at everything from gays to Jews to—yes—the AIDS crisis.

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With just three weeks left in its run, Prometheus Bound continues to impress Cambridge audiences at Oberon. Steven Sater’s (Spring Awakening) ambitious adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy by Aeschylus turns the two thousand year old play into a pulsating rock musical that manages to be both modern and engaging without diluting the original storyline. And as the production’s partnership with Amnesty International demonstrates, the story of Prometheus’s struggle against the injustices of tyranny remains as relevant as ever.

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For an entertaining, unique, and special experience, there are two more shows of SpeakeasyDC’s production of Mixed, Blended, Shaken, & Stirred: Stories about Today’s American Family. I guarantee you will relate in some way to each story with compassion, laughter, perhaps even tears, and you will definitely walk away with something to talk about.