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Es macht nichts. It DOESN’T matter.
That is what the European fans are telling Nadine Angerer in response to her coming out as bisexual in a recent interview with the German paper Die Zeit.

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This is not just because I went to Michigan. These same things happen every Saturday across the country. Florida, Ohio, Texas, California, Oregon, Alabama, Georgia, New York…The cheering and love for one’s school team goes to every corner of the country. And it should. You should love your school, be proud of it. Be proud of the experiences you had there. I’m proud everyday to have been a part of not just Michigan, but the Big Ten.

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A lengthy period of time between this and my last posting has allowed for the conclusion of the baseball season (congrats to the San Francisco Giants), the start of the NBA and NHL season (seriously Chicago Blackhawks….get it together) and the passage of time in the NFL. Two major themes seem to define the 2010 season: hard hits and no one is any good.

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On November 13, 2010, Kye Allums will play his first NCAA basketball game as a man. The female-to-male guard for George Washington University’s Women’s is the first openly transgender player in NCAA Division I basketball.

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After only five weeks, Denard Robinson has established himself as one of the greatest football players the University of Michigan has ever had. But he can’t keep doing it alone.

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Looking at the field of contestants, Texas’ Josh Hamilton, the Yankee’s Robinson Cano, Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera and Chicago’s Paul Konerko….there is no real MVP among them. So, this year, I propose that there should not be an AL MVP.

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What the White Sox need to do, in order to improve their baseball club, is to fire the best General Manager and Field Manager the club has ever had. Right now.

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What gets lost in the shuffle is that Chicago is a baseball-crazed hub. You wouldn’t really know it, given the pacificity of the fan bases, but I swear it to be true.

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I know what you’re thinking, and no, Drum & Bugle Corps is not marching band. In fact I’ll refuse to repeat those two unsightly words again in this article to prevent any embarrassing college football half-time show comparisons. The Drum Corps International World Class Division actually consists of twenty-three extremely competitive and talented corps (remember, they’re “corps,” not “bands”). Starting in June, corps flee their home base and begin a summer of touring. They sleep on hard gymnasium floors and shower in scummy high school locker rooms; they travel via cramped tour buses; they practice for hours every day in sometimes 90+ degree heat; they overcome sprains, blisters, physical exhaustion, and other injuries alike, but almost every night, they pull off eleven minute shows legitimately deserving of multiple standing ovations.

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Pujols must be clean.