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Cheer on the DC DemonCats and Scare Force One in the DCRG Championship Bout on Saturday, May 14 at 4 p.m.

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I swear, this isn’t another baseball column. We’re going to check in with the other pro-game in full swing.

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Vick has paid his debt to society and deserves forgiveness. Get over Michael Vick.

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Though you will all read this at the same time, I am writing this week during the Biggest Game Ever, Bears vs. Packers for the NFC Championship Game from Solider Field in Chicago, Illinois. Also known as the Greatest Place On Earth (but only if the Bears win). As of 1:38 pm Central Time, I predict the Bears win 21-17. Go Bears!!!
[Post Game Note: Well, not so good. Damnit.]

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This is the biggest sporting event Chicago has ever seen. Period.

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It seems as though a writer at Yahoo Sports has picked up on the idea that LeBron did it the wrong way. I wrote pretty much this *exact* same thing months ago when he did it.

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Attention gay soccer fans: you guys are asked to think twice about getting down and dirty in twelve years. The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, announced yesterday that gay fans “should refrain from sexual activities” if they happen to go to the World Cup in 2022, which will be held in the Arabic country of Qatar.

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I have written before about the lack of a clear-cut favorite in the NFL to win the Super Bowl in Dallas this coming February. Well, after Sunday’s demolishing of the Chicago Bears, we have one.

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Looking forward, the 2011 American League pennant race should be one for the ages. 5 teams look capable of winning 90+ games, with an additional 5 teams possible of going on a playoff run.

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In 2008 Lawless won the women’s world championship in long-drive (golf for those of you who don’t know). Afterwords, the LPGA changed its constitution in order to prevent her from defending her title. You see, Ms Lawless is a trans woman and thus obviously had some kind of super power that gives her an advantage over her competition – even though she had bottom surgery and been on hormone replacement therapy for years. These qualifications are good enough for the International Olympic Committee, but not for the LPGA.