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I am the half of the apple you dare not eat.
It is not that I am too sweet,
Nor am I too bitter.
Discard of me like litter
Eve, throw me away,
Before you are tempted.

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These streets I walk,
From the depth of my being,
The chill of this place,
Shuttering down my spine,
I long to be far away,
I wonder how long I would have to walk,
To find a place where my wounds could be healed,
How far away does one go?

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All of us have those urges to quit our jobs, sell everything we own, take what we need in our car and drive off into the sunset to pursue our dreams. Few of us ever pursue these dreams. Except, Buddy Wakefield did just that. Ten years ago, he quit his job as an executive assistant in the biomedical field, gave up his relatively cushy life in Seattle and got on the road as a Slam poetry performer. Living frugally, driving from venue to venue, never knowing what the next place, week, month had in store for him, Wakefield set out to discover and conquer the poetry circuit.

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This week’s hot queer artist alert: Jeremy Pace.

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When my lower back is cold

Your hands are warm

When my hands are calloused

Your hands are soft

When I’m feeling tired

You’ve just brewed us chai…

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Check out this week’s featured poet, Dan Schulman

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We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get up too tired, read too seldom, watch too much and pray too little.

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Heart breaking and feeling homesick for wherever it is you are

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Turns out YouTube is good for something other than keeping current on the latest viral and music videos. Who knew? In fact, it’s possible to find some incredibly moving (if tragically overlooked) spoken word poems, if you’re willing to do a little digging. I’ve been known to spend entire hours down a YouTube rabbit hole, watching poet after poet blow me away with his or her words. So I’ve done to digging for you and below are three of my current queer-themed favorites to help you pass the time this Friday.

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What about you has to be said in words I don’t understand?