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Eternally delightful Swedish singer Marit Bergman has become the newest entry into our Queering The Band series with her exclusive acoustic version of her song “Casey, Hold On.” The track was the official song of Stockholm Pride 2009, and its actually gives me goosebumps. Even if you weren’t kicked out of of the house as a gay teen (a sadly too-common phenomenon,) I think most of us can remember the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else where we would be accepted. The sentiment here is an important one for queer folk of all ages, which is to have patience and keep fighting to find that time or place when things will be better.

Music, Queering The Band »

DC-based rock band These United States plays stubbly, bangs-in-eyes, meat and potatoes rock that would make The Boss proud. It certainly does not lack for emotion, or goosebumps or any other hallmarks of subtletly, but that whole subset of modern rock is not always thought to be extremely queer-identified.

Enter The New Gay.