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A couple weeks ago, I read a post on Thought Catalog and found myself to be annoyed, upset and angry. The author, Chelsea Fagan, shares wisdom about how women shouldn’t dress like “sluts” if they don’t want sexual advances from men. “Women know the kind of attention they attract when they dress like that” she so eloquently states. The whole article is a commitment to the kind of thought processes that everyone who respects women has been trying to abolish for years. Rape, or sexual assault, or verbal intimidation or a cat call on the street by an individual toward a woman is the fault and responsibility of that individual not the women, regardless of her actions or her style of dress. This woman had me fuming. I told myself that even selfish, egotistical, ignorant people have a right to their own ideas and opinions. I urged myself to not fly off the handle.

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Join The New Gay in DC next Friday for Homo/Sonic, a night of dancing to indie, electro, retro, disco, booty pop and beyond.

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Rapper and entertainment mogul 50 Cent may not have the best track record when it comes to demonstrating understanding and support of the queer community, but if there’s one thing he’s gathered, it’s that being anti-gay is bad for business, but what does that mean for us?

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“With modern gaming systems, computer flash games, and incessant hours spent on the iPhone launching angry birds… traditional board games seem to be a dying breed. Why blow the dust off a box in the closet when you can log-on to Xbox-Live and shoot up cities with your friends from the comfort of your own living room? I have fond memories playing board games as a kid, spending time with my friends and family around the kitchen table rolling the dice and moving over-sized plastic pieces across laminated cardboard. What was your favorite board game growing up and your most fond memory with that board game?”

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Listen to the sounds of Aye Nako, Play/Start, and noon:30 in this week’s podcast.

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Perhaps it is the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, and her connection to Rock Hudson, that brings this memory back again. Maybe I want you to know, because I’m still as star-struck and vain as when this happened. Or maybe the memory still brings back fear and melancholy, so repeating it here feels like sharing my favorite ghost story…

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It’s tempting to be offended by the above video for Josie Cotton’s “Johnny, Are You Queer.” It caused quite a stir when first released in 1981. The California pop/punk vamp says below that the gay press was torn on it. While she got a warm reception on the West Coast, the East Coast was not so pleased. For example, The Village Voice published an article called “Josie, Are You A Bitch?” She got it bad from the right wing too, who were probably just displeased that all pop songs weren’t called “Sally, Are You Enjoying Being Married and Pregnant at Age 19?”

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This week features jams from Rachael Cantu, Tender Forever and Allison Weiss.

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A farewell to a staggeringly effective AIDS advocate (oh, and she was a movie star too).

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I was nervous to interview Joe Zee about his new show All On The Line. He’s an all-around cool guy, there’s no question about that, but he’s also a huge force in fashion and a New York It-gay. That’s why I planned to open up our conversation with a joke. That’s probably also why the joke did not well at all.