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This April, the New York Philharmonic staged a concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s great 1970 musical Company that was recorded and is currently being shown in movie theaters across the country. Next week there are two final screenings, on June 19 and 21. If you’ve never seen Company now is your chance.

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Two of my favorite things in the summer:

1. A book on the beach on a sunny day.

2. A movie at home on a rainy day.

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Yves Saint Laurent, together with his longtime partner Pierre Bergé, had a career that changed fashion forever.

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What happens when you mix raunch comedy with a chick-flick? Bridesmaids.

The new Judd Apatow-produced, Kristen Wiig-starring (and co-written) film, Bridesmaids, is, however, due much more respect than the simple high-concept Hollywood idea of mashing up two successful genres. It is in fact, a hilarious, well-written, genuinely acted, sometimes sweet, great time at the movies.

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The Stranger is an old-school pre-Christian Fury, the kind for whom the polite middle-class hypocrisy of “turning the other cheek” is one more way to show the high and mighty how mean and stupid they are. He’s out for blood, but not in a white-hot ascetic John Brown sort of way. He drinks and smokes and fucks his way through the hour and forty-five minutes, having his grim fun with the stinking magnetism of embodied life – a freewheeling, squinting Western djinn maybe, but no wild-eyed Angel of Death. Even in his preternaturalism the Stranger teaches us mortals something important about violence: it doesn’t have to be holy to be justice, and we’re better off resting content to break bodies, to whip and hack and shoot at burn the chance-fired clay of humanity, than to try to break spirits too. The worrisome ones are the ones like Robespierre and bin Laden, the warrior-priests who think they’re spilling something more precious or lasting than blood.

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Last month, I wrote a review of Thai film director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s beautiful 2004 film Tropical Malady. I recently had the opportunity to see his latest film, the winner of last year’s prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. It is another strange and hauntingly triumphant work from this unique director.

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A little escapism never did anyone wrong, right? Do you ever find yourself in just another boring day, staring at the walls of your cubicle and gaydreaming away about the exciting life you were just meant to live?

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Last week I went on a brief rant about my love of the Scream movies and my anticipation of Scream 4, or as they write it, Scre4m. So this week, I would like to continue that rant this week, with a review of the film…

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LA-based hiphop artist, Metahuman, is a master at blending old-school rap metaphors with radical queer politics. Known for his politically conscious often often risqué lyrics he at Southern California Pride festivals he makes his living as a writer, film maker, educator and doing the college touring circuit where he has become known as a one stop shop for queer and trans entertainment & education.

Here he shares a little bit with me about his history and current projects.

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Am I the only nerd out there totally excited about Scream 4? Maybe it’s nostalgia for the late 90’s, but I always thought the Scream franchise was at the top of the slasher genre. It had a cleverness about itself and delivered to horror fans exactly what they wanted, while offering genuine entertainment and laughs along the way. I am a horror fan, but I don’t particularly enjoy blood, guts and gore, but anything that is done smartly can win me over in the end. And for me, it’s nice to see a turn away from the torture-porn genre of Saw and its contemporaries.