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I thought it would be tough to top the transphobia of the SNL skit. And then I cam across Craig Ferguson’s “half sister Peg.”

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Ever come across one of those moments where you get so angry that your speech centers threaten shut down? This is one of those times, brought to you by SNL.

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There are countless hoops trans people have to jump through. What does that certification really entail? In a word, conformity. In another, colonization.

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For centuries, nearly every culture allowed for some kind of expression beyond what we would now view as masculine and feminine roles. Those who lived on these borderlands between genders were often thought to have a sacred perspective, one that allowed them understand gendered interactions in ways that no else could.

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Have you ever had a question about a trans person but were unsure how to ask? Become more enlightened in 5 easy steps!

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Take a good look at your ID. Presumably it looks like you even if you have to squint a little. What if it didn’t look like you at all?

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From the press release “According to the Blade, Chloe Moore and a friend approached a man – off-duty Officer Raphael Radon – to ask for a light for a cigarette. Upon discovering Moore and her friend were trans, Radon proceeded to utter transphobic epithets and threatened violence, and, according to Moore, also shoved her. At this juncture, Moore used pepper spray in self-defense. Radon proceeded to chase Moore two blocks, and beat her on the sidewalk.” In her own words, “He grabbed the back of my neck and he throws me on the ground,” Moore said. “My midsection was on the curb and he puts his knee in my back real hard, and it caused a lot of pain.”

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Gender (much like sex) can quickly become very sticky, messy, and satisfying when it is done in a way that feels right. At the same time, when it is done wrong, it is all you can do to keep yourself from counting ceiling tiles until it is finally over. Even though we should all know that sex and gender are separate categories, that does not mean that they aren’t intermingling like the pile of laundry on my floor.