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And as a my friend Kevin said on a profound car ride once, ‘”You can be your race within your community and go home to your family and easily identify with your family. But when your gay, you dont come home to a family of gay people”. The disidentification from queer and race, in this case, strikes at family and community where sexual identification may be a stronger identification marker than being a racialized individual.

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In solidarity with International Womens Day and in conjunction with Feminist Coming Out Day, there are many reasons to celebrate women and feminism. Feminist transformations have changed many people’s lives across the globe in perhaps the most revealing yet most mundane ways. It can be as revolutionary as realizing one’s position and place in society while on the other hand, it can be as simple as realizing one is different from another.

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I began thinking, “If so many people disapprove Obama’s action as “socialist,” yet I deign to imagine a Republican presidency that cuts funding for compressive sex education, reproductive justice, marriage rights to queers and a global gag rule on aiding countries who support abortion, then what kind of [resident do I imagine running the country?”

Can there ever be a President that will represent all of America’s interests?

DisOrienting Encounters, Race »

Manila Luzon, the roving reporter, was interviewing Kristin Cavelleri and from the moment she opened her mouth, I was offended. As the show continued, the discussion of Manila’s offensive satire at garnering a good laugh out the judges as well as America and her subsequent win that week, left me with question of my own.

Is it alright to make fun of race when a member of the same race takes a stab? Is satire the same thing as racism? Was her performance supposed to be funny? If it was supposed to be funny, could we just have called this performance “Oriental” rather than “Asian”.

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An interesting adult webiste in its own right, vegporn.com combines the political activism of vegetarians and sex positivity, I list my top ten reasons why I like vegporn.com.

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Are we still afraid to see two gay men kiss in a hot steamy shower on network television? My answer- network television, your privilege is showing.

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We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get up too tired, read too seldom, watch too much and pray too little.

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By extension, the feeling of being a woman is funny and something to be laughed at while being a man leaves the audience a sense that it cannot be touched, questioned or tampered with.

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In the words of JoAnne Rome, born without a left hand, she describes being stared at by able bodied people, “I owed an explanation to everyone who demanded one ….‘What happened to your arm?’ was a luxury I could not chose to answer… the world made it clear I owed them an explanation”.

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This is faux-queer empowerment, a pseudo queer sentiment of attaching itself a sense of improving and benefiting the queer community. Some may say this is retribution to living in an oppressed society dominated by heteropatriarchy, but I do not understand why this is necessitated through porn