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Win a copy of Sneaky Sound System’s new CD ‘From Here to Anywhere’ from The New Gay!

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Two mixtapes in and The Weeknd has taken over the dark R&B genre that fellow partner in crime Drake established with last year’s Thank Me Later. Thursday took the Weeknd’s style forward and now we have a new track “Initiation” which is like every Weeknd track, as it is about sex, drugs and self-loathing with a dark beat that is equal parts witch-house and dark R&B but the noticeable difference is the way someone has a permanent finger on the pitch-shifter. Only a few times in the four minute jam are the vocals left alone, instead the vocals go from super low to super high in waves. Weeknd supposedly have another free mix slated for this year, and this very well could be on it.

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To see such precise visualizations of each sound is ground breaking satisfaction for
music as experimental as Amon’s.

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Jessie Ware is best known for her breakout tracks on SBTRKT’s record and her lead on Joker’s “The Vision (Let Me Breathe)”, but all of that is changing. Ware is taking her act solo and she has released her first single “Strangest Feeling.” The cut is moody post-dubstep UK Funky of the likes of the fantastic and slept on Katy B record. The track starts slow but then blasts in the later part and is sure to launch a thousand remixes in the future.

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I am pretty fresh and sheltered when it comes to the history and realities of HIV/AIDS in our community; I wasn’t born until the early 90’s, have almost always lived in suburbia, and have never known anyone who has HIV/AIDs, let alone died from it. According to Larry Kramer, that puts me in the league of the lazy, uneducated gays of my generation by default (after he admonishes me for calling myself queer). However, I strive to be neither purposefully ignorant nor excessively fearful.

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After a chilly week, a long (and hopefully warm) weekend will be well-deserved.

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Enjoy the indoor settings we’ve suggested for your weekend, in-between bits of sunshine and try to keep dry. We wouldn’t want to catch your cold.

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The recent film Weekend inhabits another, more recent camp of gay culture: gay naturalism. In the film, it is not non-gayness that is rejected, but instead any illusion that such a rejection is possible. The characters capture something very real, almost painfully so, about modern gay life. After all of our progress in realizing some vision of gay utopia–after Harvey Milk , the AIDS crisis, gay marriage, the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, to name just some milestones–there remain some very basic problems that each gay person must sort out for him or herself.

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Wax play, one of the most popular sports in the S&M list of possible activities, means to drip or pour melted wax on the submissive’s body. As you can imagine, it can be dangerous for both the Dom and the sub and requires extreme focus and care on the Dom’s end. But it’s also fun and easy when done properly.

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Nite Jewel has been preparing her second record, all the while releasing amazing post-disco singles like “It Gets Through Your Head.” Now after being on so many labels, Ramona Gonzalez has found herself a new home, Secretly Canadian. While she is busy at work with her second record and first for SC, Nite Jewel will release a new 7″ “She’s Always Watching You” on the yourstruly label. The a-side is a fantastic jam unlike her previous disco performances and is more in tune with the art-school R&B of the Dirty Projectors. Nite Jewl seems to be reaching for a more mainstream pop audience as well- just look at that cover and see if you can’t spot Dev (though she has more talent than Dev).