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Be gay and be yourself.

The New Gay was founded in October of 2007 by three gay men who were frustrated with a monolithic gay culture and it’s limited offerings. With most current LGBT media catering to a very specific, and often stereotypical, audience and lifestyle, we thought it was the right time to start a publication which caters to the entire LGBT experience. Men, women and transfolk. Indie kids. Dorks. History buffs, politicos, arts afficionados, and athletes. While many of these people would feel left out in the cold by some of the other gay blogs, they all have a home at The New Gay.

Now in our fourth year as an established online resource for alternative LGBT events and ideas, The New Gay is stronger, more accessible, and more innovative than ever before. We’ve gone from a local blog with content streaming to just a handful of people to an international hub for all things alternative and LGBT. Our content varies far and wide to cover music, politics, social issues, local happenings, the arts, sports, and more.

The TNG reader actively embraces our mission and many of our contributors started out as readers. Our readers come from large cities and from the country, they are your friends, your neighbors, and your co-workers. They are socially aware, educated, opinionated, and progressive. Our readers simultaneously acknowledge the establishment set forth by the mainstream and seek the road less traveled. Despite our common interest in the alternative, we patron local businesses, shop online, attend concerts, buy music, and actively engage in the consumer world around us.

Our ideal advertisers would reflect the same diversity found in our readership. Gay and Lesbian dating and social networking sites appeal to our readers, but so do movies, record releases, new restaurants, non-profits, and social causes. LGBT advertisers are welcome, but straight and general interest businesses have a home at TNG as well. We are interested in local as well as national advertisers that meet our goals of providing LGBT people with opportunities for enhancing their lives.

In the month of May 2011, The New Gay received over 98,000 unique visitors and 156,000 page views. The New Gay is based in Washington, D.C., however the site is regularly visited by readers in all 50 states. At present content is regularly contributed for 5 major cities across the United States. These cities can be viewed by ‘Going Local’ from the home page. The New Gay is also read by fifty plus countries across the world, though our primary audience is based in the U.S.

If you are interested in advertising with The New Gay, please email advertising@thenewgay.net.

Screenshot of Google Analytics showing the national reach of thenewgay.net, updated 5/2011.

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