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5 October 2011, 12:00 pm One Comment

Yes, Master: The House of Wax

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This post was submitted by Master Aiden

Wax play, one of the most popular sports in the S&M list of possible activities, means to drip or pour melted wax on the submissive’s body.  As you can imagine, it can be dangerous for both the Dom and the sub and requires extreme focus and care on the Dom’s end.  But it’s also fun and easy when done properly.

Paraffin wax is a soft kind of wax that is most typically used during this kind of play.  Undoubtably, you’ve noticed how the material within those tall, cylindrical catholic prayer votives is soft and squishy, much different from upright table candles.  That’s paraffin: almost putty-like, pliable, and full of air bubbles.  This type of wax melts at a signifigantly lower temperature when compared to taper candles which are the upright, rod candles that fit into candle sticks and candelabras.  Paraffin wax is less painful upon impact with skin.  It causes a relatively mellow jolt of heat when it’s dripped or puddled on flesh.  It’s not a huge deal.  If your play partner/submissive has very sensitive skin or gets freaked out by wax application, then you need to be especially cautious and considerate.

There was one particular Master, who I would session with as a co-Dom, that was very passionate about wax application with paraffin candles.  He would take a number of religious votive candles, of many colors, and drip them all at different points on top of the submissive’s body.  This created a rainbow mess of swirling wax that was a play on sensation for the participant but, also, was humiliating and intimidating for them without causing any real sort of signifigant pain.  It was extremely cool to watch.  Afterwards, the wax is peeled off the skin followed by a shower to remove the remaining traces.  Maybe the skin is a little bit rosy afterwards but that’s about the extent of it for most people.  With paraffin, the Dom can apply a lot of wax, in large amounts, on the slave with ease and cautious safety.  It’s also extremely messy, requires a paint tarp (or something along those lines) to protect the space, it’s high-maintenance.  I’ve seen kinksters place Saran Wrap on top of exposed flesh before paraffin wax play in order to:

1.) keep the heat impact but

2.) avoid the stickiness/messiness removal if everything doesn’t end up peeling away easily

Another option is to put lotion on the skin to make the wax removal easier.  That’s always a good idea too but, obviously, it may require a shower afterward anyway.  Be creative and sensible.

I prefer to use taper candles (those upright, rod candles) when doing wax play.  Why? In my opinion, paraffin wax is kind of “cute” and doesn’t cause enough pain.  When I’m applying candle wax onto my submissive, I want it to be in precise, targeted bites of heat like falling needles.  To me, those puddles and splashes of paraffin wax are too messy and require a certain kind of idealized space to work within.  Plus there’s the need for a tarp.  What if I don’t have time to go to the store to buy a paint tarp?  I’m an extremely busy Dom with a tight schedule.  Cleaning gear after a session usually takes at least 30-45 minutes afterwards and I have enough stuff to do……

Taper candles melt in drips that, with a little bit of skill, can be aimed at very specific parts of the human body and in controlled quantities.  These are the kind of wax drips that cause jumps and a bit of dread for the submissive.  I like being able to count and control the exact amount of drips heading towards the slave.  Many drips for the brave souls, less drips for the more sensitive ones.  My favorite way to remove wax?  Ice.

No matter what kind of wax you decide to you use for your adventures, wax play should never be done around the head and eyes (of course) nor should it be used wrecklessly or to plug any orifices.  It’s strictly for the wide expanses of the body and the outer areas–think the back, the shoulders, the buttocks, the chest, the nipples, carefully with the outer genitalia, etc.

The other issue, clearly, is that you’re dealing with fire.  Don’t get too close to your slave’s body with the fire (unless you’re doing fire play which means that you’re highly experienced/skilled and that you’re submissive is fully aware and willing, etc.  We’ll save the subject of fire play for some other article…..).  Always keep the fire at a distance.  Don’t burn anyone’s hair or clothing (including yours).  Only do wax play if you’re 100% focused and lucid.  Don’t do it if you’re tired.  Once you’re finished always blow out the candles.  The best way to get good at wax play is to find an ethusiastic submissive and put in a good amount of practice.

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