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28 September 2011, 11:00 am No Comments

Song of the Day: TV Girl, Girl Like Me 7″

This post was submitted by Rohan

TV Girl are favorites here at TNG. While they got themselves in hot water for sampling Todd Rundgren on their first EP, a song of the day that has since been deleted and replaced with their apology and another amazing track, the band have also released a free EP of tunes Benny And The Jetts. Now the duo have their first 7″ and first release that costs money to own. The two song Girls Like Me 7″ is six minutes of thrilling sample-pop taking from styles like doo-wop and modern indie. “Girls Like Me” is sung entirely from a girl’s perceptive and sounds like a cover of a song from a long time ago. “Sarah (Meet Me In The Sauna) has an early Magnetic Fields vibe with it’s hand-clap drum machine beats and guitar on-top. Both singers take on the vocals which are buried in the sonic fuzz of the track. If you haven’t gotten in this band, as i’ve said before, you should because they are the next best thing. If you are into these tracks, buy the set digitally at Facebook, or pre-order the 7″.

Girls Like Me 7″
by TV Girl

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