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7 September 2011, 4:00 pm 2 Comments

Yes, Master: Chains of Love

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This post was submitted by Master Aiden

When you hear the word “bondage” (especially within the context of BDSM), you immediately think of ropes.

You think of people tied at the feet, knees, wrists, and elbows on a bed.  Or maybe you think of someone sexy bound to a chair.  Chances are that the ropes look like something that you’d find off of a ship since the the ropes typically used in rope play tend to be white or black, mid-width synthetics. When it comes down to it, BDSM kinksters can be surprisingly traditional.

I like to use ropes during sessions too (sometimes) but I favor stronger absolutes.  I’m an impatient person.  If a bondage arrangement takes me longer than three or so minutes to create, I probably won’t be interested.

My idea of bondage stems from cartoons, action films, and 1940′s film noir.  Those images established a quick, ultra-functional approach to tying someone down.  It was ugly, useful, and done immediately as would be the case if someone was actually abducted to be bound since, naturally, there would be an element of rebellion and struggle involved.  When I’m sessioning, I love to feel that the bondage is relatively plausible meaning that the captive most likely wasn’t asked if he or she would be kind enough to stand just so while the abductor took their sweet time to immobilize them.

I love metal, locks, and straps.  You don’t argue with them, you can’t slip out of them, and they won’t accept fussiness.  They’re either there or they’re not.  The lock is either in place or it isn’t.  Chains, especially, are quick, dirty, and functional which is exactly how I like bondage play.

The only thing that the Master or Mistress of the scene needs to be aware of is making sure that the correct keys to the locks are always within reach.  Lost keys can lead to bad situations, obviously.

I love the sound of chains clinking and clunking when binding a slave up.  It establishes a faintly medieval vibe and pushes that aura of inescapablility and punishment.  Chains are immediately associated with authority, access, and metalic strength.  If it’s man vs. chain, you know automatically who will win.  None of us are Superman.

Pet stores are the best due to the fact that their chains are pre-cut to reasonable, workable, and appropriate lengths for BDSM play.  Their short chains and long chains that are neither too short or overly long.  Hardware stores come in close second and are perfect if you find yourself desiring very specific lengths.

Everyone likes their bondage to reflect their unique tastes. Everyone has their own ways of doing things–just like making coffee.  BDSM is the same.  To me, nothing is more perfect than the sound of a riding crop hitting soft flesh immediately followed by the jangle of metal links, creating a classic combination of sound textures that are instantly and universally recognizable.  Plus, I know that when I want to capture or release a slave, I can do so in no time at all which is ideal for an impatient Master like myself.

And, with chains, is there any opportunity for the slave to escape?  Nope, not a chance.  The submissive if forced to have faith that their Master or Mistress will be relatively merciful…

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