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15 August 2011, 4:00 pm 3 Comments

Poetry: The Tree of (Unac-)Knowledge(d)

Submission by Olivia Turner, first-time contributor

The Tree of (Unac-)Knowledge(d).

I am the half of the apple you dare not eat.
It is not that I am too sweet,
Nor am I too bitter.
Discard of me like litter
Eve, throw me away,
Before you are tempted.

Curse the grocer who sent it.
I am the worm at the centre,
The scaled down snake.
Eden never mentioned me,
Nor this breast that longs.

The taste of our truths burn
Cold on forked tongues,
Cast aside those corrupt gourds,
Turn your back to tainted hearts,
Throw me away, Eve,
I am the apple.
The rotten part.


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