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Friday Staff Survey: Game Boys and Girls

From the compensatory sense of mastery and accomplishment a good SimCity binge might bring us to the exciting kinds of social experimentation opened up by World of Warcraft, queers have famously turned to electronic gaming for any number of interesting reasons.

What is your favorite video/computer game, and why?

Jean – Columnist

I have no interest in computer/video games – not even online Scrabble or Farmville. My disinterest extends even farther: I don’t even like board games or cards game. They all seem like a waste of time. I have a lot of friends who like those things, but I just don’t get it! I liked SimCity as a kid, but by the time the Sims came around, I lost interest!

Levi – Columnist

I had a Gameboy Advance as a kid… and I still kind of want to find it and my games. My favourite games for it were probably Bomberman Tournament and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. There was also this one game called Survival Kids, where you are trapped on a desert island. It was trippy: animals could attack you, your food could go bad, and you could die.

Chris – NYC Editor

My relationship with RollerCoaster Tycoon tracked all too closely the trajectory of my adolescence: from the idealism–spiritualism, even–of my early teen years, where I created in my benevolent amusement park a utopia of sorts–offering free passes to every ride, meticulously cleaning and improving my park, keeping a keen eye on the mood status of every visitor–to the destructive nihilism of my late teen years, where the park became a dystopic experiment ground–with roller coaster tracks ending in mid-air, raised plots of land trapping a visitor in eternal vantage, and exorbitantly gouged umbrella prices for every rain storm. Thankfully, I’ve long since abandoned it.

Andrew Fogle – Managing Editor

Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise has easily consumed more of my time and emotional resources than any human relationship. The best part is getting to stage the kinds of political fantasies that, in the real world, really disturb me: brutal colonial oppression, expansionist tank offensives, democidal nuclear strikes, and so on. These games convinced me to stay out of public policy.

Katie Omberg – Staff Cartoonist

I was OBSESSED with Donkey Kong as a kid. I didn’t have any sort of gaming systems at home, but in elementary school a friend of mine got a Super Nintendo, and soon thereafter came the talk from my mom about how it was impolite to invite yourself over to other peoples’ houses. In middle school we got an N64, complete with Donkey Kong. It was amazing. I was also really into those old school computer games, like Jill of the Jungle and Commander Keen. Those were other games only to be enjoyed at the houses of others, being as we didn’t have a computer game.

Andrew D – Marketing Director

I’m a game junkie and while I don’t really have time to play much anymore I definitely enjoyed Warcraft and Starcraft or anything by Blizzard really. I’m big on quick on-the-go games like Words with Friends. Any and all word or puzzle games can steal hours from my day! Recently I’ve been addicted to the time-wasting ‘Pocket Frogs’ on the iPhone. Games could easily consume me if I let them! Thankfully I have some semblance of self control!

Michael – Co-founder & Webmaster

I’ve been digging Words With Friends and iPhone Scrabble lately. I’ve been playing Angry Birds, too, but it’s not stimulating enough to be a lot of fun.

Carrie – Boston Editor

My glory days of gaming involved the original NES and a bit later on, hours of MarioKart on Nintendo 64. Honestly, I’m wary of all the console, online, and PC games out there now. I’m definitely tempted to check them out, but also pretty sure I’d get instantly addicted and never see my friends, family or girlfriend again.

Bryan Garcia – Contributor

I’m digging my Wii tennis game. I may never be as bootylicious as Serena Williams, but at least I can pretend to play like her.

Hannah Everhart – Contributor

My first and only game system was Super Nintendo. I got it when I was nine and had it until it broke a couple years ago. Yoshi’s Island was my favorite game–what’s not to like about a green dinosaur that can change color, lay eggs AND breathe fire?!

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  • Raphael said:

    Seems that TNG is heavily skewed towards the “casual gaming” crowd. I’ll speak for for the PS3!

    Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, and Uncharted 2 have really revolutionized my concept of what a video game could be. That is, they all treat the gamer as the star of a highly interactive movie, with complex story arcs and interpersonal relationships taking equal prominence (or in LA Noire’s case, priority) to gameplay mechanics.

  • Levi said:

    I would me more into gaming, Raphael, but when I got older I found myself less willing to part with the funds for games, and also developed a problem with headaches. I did really want a PSP for a long time (and still kind of do)…I’m more into the portable systems.

  • Chris said:

    In a world of such advance gaming, I cant believe what I’m reading!! There are many games that directly relate to the gay community and are fun and crazy!! The most recent being American McGee’s Alice: Retune to Madness – Crazy graphics, great game play and an opportunity for many macabe halloween costumes! In the Fable series, you are a warrior with the opportunity to flirt with everyone you interact with – I have a boyfriend in every town and have virtually contracted every STD avalible in the game lol. Then we have Little Big Planet, a non violent game that allows one to interact with people from around the world with one common language, laughter!

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