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Learning To Drive Stick: Divorced Father & a Designer to the …Law?

Follow Student Driver, a life-long lesbian-identified woman as she dabbles in the world of heterosexuality, in the syndicated ladysex column “Learning To Drive Stick.”

I had a date last week. Meh. I mean, what do you say? I’m trying to avoid sitting at home and feeling badly for myself. Type Geek has to do some serious personal work, and I can’t help him with that. So, in the meantime, it is either go to Babes in Toyland and buy yet another vibrator OR start dating again. While option A may sound like the preferable one, I get desensitized too quickly with mechanical vibration and then when I have sex with a human, it’s almost impossible for me to get off. This much I have learned at my ripe old age of 36.

Last week was a 44 year old dad of two girls. Career-less and figuring things out, he’s okay, but I find drive to be a turn on, and nothing really DRIVES this one. We drank a few cocktails, had a few appetizers and watched an over-hyped “riot” in Harvard Square. A couple boys got into a fight, and because it was a group of kids, word spread of riots. Hardly.

This week, a 38 year old graphic designer that works in the legal sector. I don’t know much about him except that he and Type Geek went to music school at the same time, so I worry they may know each other in that way that former classmates do. We are meeting for oysters on Thursday or Friday night of this week, when the “end of days” rains cease.

I’m not rushing into anything, because I am not looking for a relationship. I stated clearly to each of these men that I just left something very meaningful to me and that I am not looking for a rebound relationship, but merely some casual dating and fun. I think 40′s Dad is looking for a relationship though. He sounds ready for more in his romantic life. He also sounds like he attaches quickly and easily. He may be a dangerous one to play around with, aside from my not being particularly attracted to him, I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Meanwhile, Type Geek… hmm. I miss him. Honestly, every moment. I can only work with the cards I have been dealt and at this time, he isn’t in my deck, maybe someday the cards will reshuffle, but now, what can I do? Only what I am.

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