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12 August 2011, 11:00 am One Comment

Song of the Day: Astrid Swan, “Box Elder”

This post was submitted by Rohan

Pavement is my favorite band. Being a Pavement fan means you are in a special “boys club.” Not just any boys club but an almost strictly straight boys club. Last year when I saw Pavement four times the crowd was mostly old indie rock dudes and their girlfriends or wives who put up with them. I do know some female Pavement fans but they are few and far between. Finnish singer Astrid Swan is here to change that. She is set to release a new album Hits (Pavement for Girls) consisting of nine tracks redone for the female and quite frankly the homosexual set. Swan recontextualized her favorite Pavement songs changing gender pronouns and using only piano, synth noises and some hand percussion/drum machines. Her voice does extra duty being layered and loped over tracks making the tracks sound different from their original jangle guitar forms. If this gets a whole new group into Pavement who knows, but her covers show how great Pavement songs hold up when covered. Take a listen to the oft covered “Box Elder” below and check out her feature on Spin.com for a stream of the full disc.

Box Elder
by Astrid Swan


Here is the full album!!!:

Astrid Swan – Hits (Pavement For Girls) by Soliti

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  • Bobby Flores said:

    Being a member of this club has its disadvantages. Quarantine the past was on repeat for me most of last year. I spent a good deal of time listening to entire albums but would gravitate toward that one. Mainly cause it has so many goodies on it. However, my boyfriend at the time was about to go bat sh!t crazy from it. He didn’t care for them too much and couldn’t understand why I was so into it. All I could talk about for the better part of last summer was seeing them live in Austin. When it came time to go, I ended up going by myself. If this came out last summer I might be telling a different story. Thanks for posting this. Its great!