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Rants: A President with a Pair, Please

This post was submitted by Ben K.

President Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt

I want nothing more than for President Obama to succeed. I voted for him, was there in Chicago’s Grant Park  the night he won. It was an exhilarating moment for all of us there, and the millions across the country who were riding the wave of Obama’s brand of “Hope”. I would have put my money on seeing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney get gay-married over seeing my home state of Indiana go blue and vote for a Democrat for president, but it happened.

First and foremost, I’m a Democrat. I can only say that I am simply not able to vote Republican, even for the ones that I might even sort-of like. I will never be able to be supportive of a party that has collectively and so disgustingly been involved with the opposition of the rights and dignity of millions of gay Americans. I get that not every Republican is anti-gay, nor are they all small-minded or selfish fat cats who only care about getting richer and richer.

I wish that I had the ability to allow myself to look at all the issues and make a choice between the two parties, but I can’t. Republicans have continuously been elected on the back of bigotry, and I will have nothing to do with even the good ones. My conscience won’t allow it. I would love to look at both parties without having to think this way, but it is not possible for me and that’s the plain truth of the matter.

But here is one thing I will tell you about Republicans: they had Teddy Roosevelt, and if I could raise his ghost from the dead to lead this country through its economic and social struggles with bombast and bravery, I would do it in a second – and throw Obama out of office faster than he could pussyfoot around another difficult issue.

Mr. President, your position on gay marriage is still “evolving”? Oh grow up already and stand up for something. You want to drop DOMA, you pushed to get rid of DADT, and you speak to gay groups. Give me a break: stop using the community and actually fully stand up for them.

Mr. President, what have you changed in Washington? And look, I get it; I don’t expect miracles. Since Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson turned the government during George Washington’s presidency into one of the most biting, backstabbing and bickering political moments in our history — thereby setting the stage for our two-party system — those that have served in government have acted like children in their arguments and thieves who seek to only gain power, money and notoriety for themselves.

And every once in a while, someone comes along whom speaks truth to power, as the saying goes. Someone who cares more about what is right and getting it done above all else. You were going to be that President, that’s why we all voted for you for God’s sake.

Teddy Roosevelt was a thorn in the side of politicians and businessmen who throughout his life and career fought for what was right, no matter that it might have made him a political casualty. I don’t think that Roosevelt was a perfect person, nor a perfect president, but there is certainly a reason he hovers at the top of the list of most historians’ greatest U.S. presidents and was able to stand as someone associated more for the character of his politics than the affiliation of his party.

I don’t know what Roosevelt would do today, but one thing I do know is that he wouldn’t quietly compromise our future. The man was shot during a speech and refused medical attention until he was done with his speech – something tells me he wouldn’t roll over. He may have walked softly, but he sure as hell beat the shit out of the corrupt bastards in this country with his big stick.

So be the president I voted for, Mr. Obama. Remind me why I so passionately supported you in 2008. Don’t just try to do what is right. Do it. Stop pretending like everyone is willing to come up with a compromise and stop pretending like compromise is always the best option. Stand up for something already. Be brave. Be loud. Raise your voice for what is right. Show some real passion.

I know men with tits who have bigger balls than you.

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