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Starring Erick Davidson: The Performance

Submitted by Terrence Moss, TNG Contributor. Terrence Moss is a short fiction writer and media commentator with articles featured on Associated Content and Suite 101. More “Starring Erick Davidson” stories appear in the blogs section of www.frontiersla.com. Other works can be found at www.terrencemoss.blogspot.com.

Erick Davidson is an early thirtysomething from New Jersey who has lived in Los Angeles for the better part of a decade.

“That play gets better every time I see it,” Cole comments as he walks into the lobby of the Hudson Guild Theatre in Hollywood. His boyfriend Mitch had invited Erick and Chris to see his first stage performance since returning to Los Angeles last year.

“How many times have you seen it?” Chris asks, walking alongside Cole.

“This was number six.”

“Wow, you are a dedicated sort. I love Erick, but I’d have to stop at five,” Chris jokes.

Cole chuckles. “I’ve also been running lines with Mitch. At this point, I could probably step in and be an understudy if necessary.”

“It must be getting pricey for you to keep coming here.”

“Oh don’t worry, I get more than my money’s worth out of Mitch,” Cole responds with a wink as he and Chris stop at the now-closed concession stand to wait for Mitch to come out. “Trust me, I don’t do this just out of love.”

Chris laughs. “You should talk to the theatre manager about a ‘Buy Ten, Get One Free’ deal.”

“I’m not sure Mitch can handle that.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was walking pretty funny tonight. I shouldn’t come around here for a couple of weeks.”

Chris lets out a loud laugh. “I can’t believe you just said that.”

Chris’s laugh gets Erick’s attention. He had been lagging behind Chris and Cole checking out archival stills from the theatre’s many productions over the years, but walked over to find out what was going on.

“What’s so funny?” Erick asks.

“Mitch’s walk,” Chris jokes as he and Cole continue to laugh.

“Yeah, I noticed that,” Erick responds with concern in his voice. “Is he okay?”

Cole’s face suddenly becomes very serious. “He’ll be fine in a couple of weeks.” Chris turns around to laugh silently. His shoulders shudder.

Mitch’s co-star Stacy Ray walks into the lobby. “Great job tonight,” Cole comments as she approaches.

“Thank you very much,” Stacy Ray says as she walks over to give Cole a hug. “It’s good to see you again. How many times have you seen the show by now?”

“Six times.”

“Wow. I’ll have to talk to Mitch and Nick about adding a few subtle things in there to keep you from getting bored.”

Stacy Ray extends her hand to Erick and then to Chris. “I’m Stacy.”

“I’m Erick. This is my boyfriend Chris.”

Chris shakes her hand enthusiastically. “I just have to say that you are simply adorable. I thought you were fantastic,” he gushes.

“I agree,” Erick adds.

“You two are super sweet for saying that. I appreciate it.” Stacy Ray replies. “Will we be seeing you as much as we’ve seen Cole?”

“Probably not. We don’t like Mitch as much as he does,” Erick chides.

Stacy Ray laughs. “Well, thanks for coming again, guys. Cole, I’m sure I’ll see you soon. Erick and Chris, it’s a pleasure to meet you both,” she says while heading toward the door.

“You’re just going to leave without saying goodbye?” Nick says to Stacy Ray when he walks into the lobby.

Stacy Ray turns around. “Nick, won’t I be seeing you tomorrow night for the show?”

“But that’s twenty-two hours from now,” Nick says flirtatiously as he walks toward Stacy Ray. “And I’m an actor. I need closure.”

“You’re a lunatic…a cute lunatic but still a lunatic,” Stacy Ray teases with a laugh. “I have to go now. My girlfriends are waiting outside.”

Nick kneels down to meet Stacy Ray at eye-level. “Where are you guys going? I’ll come with.”

Stacy Ray kisses Nick on the forehead. “You’ll do no such thing. It’s ladies night. Besides, you have two fans and a groupie back there waiting for you.”

Nick turns around and sees Erick, Chris and Cole at the concession stand. Stacy Ray opens the door and walks out. “She’s so super hot,” Nick says out loud to them after the door closes.

Erick breaks the short, awkward silence. “You were very good tonight.”

“Thanks man,” Nick responds as he walks over to the concession stand. “I’m Nick.”

“I’m Erick. This is my boyfriend Chris. I suppose you already know Cole,” Erick replies as Nick exchanges handshakes with him and Chris.

Nick pats Cole on the upper back. “I do. Good to see you again, man. What did you guys think of the show?” he asks Erick and Chris.

“I like your performance style. It’s very natural. It doesn’t come across as if you are acting,” Erick answers.

“Wow, thank you. That’s some pretty high praise.”

Nick looks at Chris and Cole for their thoughts. “We can’t really top that one so we’ll just concur,” Chris says.

“It’s just a shame that Mitch’s performance was so lacking. He dragged down the entire production,” Erick continues.

Chris and Cole stare at Erick in stunned silence. Nick looks at him quizzically. “I have to disagree with you on that one. I thought he was great. I must have heard you incorrectly,” he counters.

“The only thing I liked about his performance was when he showed his bare ass.”

Cole interjects. “I’d like to take credit for that.”

Mitch steps into the lobby and slowly walks up behind Erick. “His performance just screamed, ‘I’m acting! Notice my acting!” It’s like he was taught several methods and decided to use them all tonight.”

Chris’s eyes widen. Cole hides his face in his hands. Nick tries to change the subject. “Why don’t we head over to Big Wang’s?” he suggests.

“Good idea,” Erick says as he walks toward the door.

“Erick, all your drinks are on me tonight,” Mitch declares as Erick opens the door and walks out.

Chris, Cole and Nick turn and stare at Nick with surprised looks on their faces. “How could you offer to buy him drinks after what he just said?” Cole asks.

“Because Erick is full of shit. We dated for two-and-a-half years. I know that laugh anywhere and I heard it throughout the entire show. He loved it more than anyone else. Pay no attention to what he said. I’m certainly not.”

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