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Yes, Master: Picture This

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This post was submitted by Master Aiden

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been doing bondage and fetish photography for kinksters and fellow pro’s – most of which I’m not ever able to show on my blog or talk about since those were done for other people for their own personal initiatives.  And I still won’t be able to show those or talk about them overall.  Privacy and trust.

I spend a lot of time doing my usual BDSM sessions but, every once in a while, a photo session pops up.

I don’t do anything porny.  It’s not my thing.  I like artfully done BDSM and fetish photography much more along the lines of those old, retro Bettie Page photos or vintage gay leather shots.  Provacative but…..subdued.  Rated R at most.

People appreciate the work on my blog (and on my site) so they send me messages sometimes like: “Hello, Master Aiden, I like the photos on your site. Can you do some for me, too?”

And then I say: “Sure, c’mon over!”

And that’s that.

But since I love doing those kinds of photos for people because I find it fun, relaxing, etc. and it gives me a chance to do directing, lighting, and software experiments.  It’s always a pleasure since it lets me be an art dork and a voyeur at the same time.

Any chance I can get to embrace my inner Mapplethorpe/Arbus/Witkin/Warhol, etc. I’ll go for it! Time and scheduling allowing, of course.  These photo sessions usually take me about an hour or so (I like to work quick and dirty–too much fussiness drives me nuts).

I stumbled into doing it accidentally, I deeply enjoy it, and now the option is there for Chicago kinksters and whoever is here visiting.

For pro’s (Masters, Mistresses, performers, escorts, etc.), I’ll do it for free.

For those who are not pro’s, I have a “pay what you will” policy in place. Because I love doing it, I’d probably do it for free for those who are strapped for cash but, if they want to toss me a few bills, why not?

I have Office Hours in place for visiting scenesters and prospective clients.  If there are Office Hours with no scheduled visitations, then those timeslots are always perfect for photo shoots.  Spending a Sunday morning photographing a drag queen in bondage is much better than reading the comics, you know what I mean?  It makes life much more interesting.

Obviously, the subjects can’t bring anything illegal to shoots.  No drugs and all of those brave souls stepping in front of the camera  must be at least 25 years of age.  Common sense stuff.

Overall, I love doing artistically-inclined bondage, fetish, and BDSM photography.  It’s never boring plus it allows me to try out new technical and aesthetic approaches (which helps me in my non-BDSM creative endeavors).

So, if you’re ever visiting ChiTown and you want to be photographed in your newest gimp mask, you know who to email.

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