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25 July 2011, 2:00 pm No Comments

Hot Queer Art Alert: Peter and Pedro Postpone Procrastination

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Some queer kids in Berlin for the summer need some cash or something, and could use your help. Peter and Pedro are two pretty young things working on a postporn (don’t worry, TNG had to Google it, too) photography/illustration book to be published by the end of the summer, and have set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding page to help with costs. Why should I care? you might ask yourself as you hurtle recklessly down the queer blogosphere queer rabbit hole on a trajectory that can only end with Xtube, a flame war with Larry Kramer, or some unexpectedly arousing combination of the two. Because their stuff is fuckin’ awesome is why – a postglam junkyard Nan Goldin sort of affair with a rusted glitter sensibility resonant for all of us trying to make beauty in the smoldering wreckage of neoliberalism.

Check out some of their work (NSFW-ish, maybe, for those of you toiling unsympathetically in corporate drag.) If by the end of it you’re not reaching for a cum rag and a checkbook, you didn’t come of sexual age on the frigid winter scree of east Kreuzberg like we did.





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