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12 July 2011, 12:00 pm 5 Comments

TV: Olive Garden, the new gay ghetto

This post was submitted by Topher Burns

Glaad to meet ya, handsome! (courtesy Greg Hernandez, flickr.com)

Robert Gant is best known for playing Michael Novotny’s HIV positive boyfriend Ben on the American version of Queer as Folk.  He’s very talented, an out and proud actor, and very vocal on GLBT issues.  Also, my friend met him once and said that he’s totally really nice and that his ass looks incredible in jeans.

Whycome is it, then, that I saw him in an Olive Garden commercial yesterday?

Here is a man with an impeccable resume playing both straight and gay characters, he’s got the piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky, and yet the man is shilling for unlimited breadsticks?

This isn’t the first commercial Robert’s been featured in lately, either.  Volkswagen had him a couple years ago, and before that he was the twinkle-toed Good Humor man!

I can’t really hold the Good Humor thing against him, because that was when he was just getting started (also, he’s just goddamn adorable in that.  Deliver ice cream to me any time, Bobby!).  But Volkwagen and (I still can barely say it) Olive Garden are both post-QAF.  I understand that the man’s got bills to pay, but come on!

So what’s happening here?  Is Gant financing a big comeback project?  Or can he just not find work because he’s too gay, too old, or perhaps at this point just too commercial?  Whatever the forces keeping Robert Gant from pressing his chiseled features toward those of another man, maintaining electric eye contact whilst they passionately remove each other’s shirts, I am virulently opposed to them.

We’ve taken enough crap as homosexuals, we should not have to suffer seeing one of our own brought so low.  Now that marriage is legal in New York, I’ve been looking for my next fight and I think this might just be it.  Damn the gay ghetto, damn ageism, and DAMN Olive Garden!  GET ROBERT GANT SOME REAL shirtless WORK!


In the meantime here’s another fun video he did:

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  • David said:

    I’ve noticed Gant in a few new commercial campaigns over the last several months. It’s a little weird to see if your first exposure to him was on QaF. But it’s a bit of a stretch to assume he’s doing commercials because he can’t get other work or because the straight “man” is keeping him down in the entertainment industry. It’s possible, but it’s also possible that doing commercials works for Gant right now. You can make good money and it offers flexibility that doing a movie or TV show doesn’t allow.

  • queer dude said:

    Is Olive Garden specifically anti-gay, or just too low-brow for one of your favorite actors? I can understand such a reaction if he were to do a TV ad for Focus on the Family, but what’s so bad about Olive Garden?

  • Brianna said:

    I really wanted this post to be about gays secretly slumming it at Olive Gardens across the US.

  • The New Gay » The New Gay Week in Review: Boner Voyage, Zack! edition said:

    [...] “Bread” and “olive” are not Topher’s preferred kinds of sticks and oil [...]

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