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6 July 2011, 4:00 pm 15 Comments

Call for QPOC Writers

Photo by Adamantios; Wikimedia Commons

Are you feeling like your side of the story isn’t being told? We want to hear it! Join the TNG conversation by submitting your article to submit@thenewgay.net

TNG has always been a forum for people to raise their own voices, speak their own unique viewpoints, to ensure that the entire queer spectrum is represented. And we can’t reach that goal without you.

So if you have something to say, send it over!

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  • Just Some Trans Guy said:

    If you’re really serious about this, maybe your editor-in-chief should stop writing douchey things like this: http://jezebel.com/#!5745172/in-defense-of-the-gay-white-male.

  • Mike said:

    @ JSTG: If you’re really serious about this, why don’t you write a critique of his article instead? He spoke honestly about how he felt, and raised several valid questions in that piece. Instead of calling him a douche, try out-doing him. Write a better article. Refute his arguments. Show us how you’ve got it figured out and Zack has it all wrong.

    Then the rest of us can decide for ourselves what sounds right and what doesn’t. Name-calling doesn’t.

  • queer blogger said:

    Amen, Mike. You beat me to the punch!

  • Just Some Trans Guy said:

    @ Mike and queer blogger,

    Why don’t I write a critique? Because it’s not something I particularly wish to do. I mean what I said about the article (and about how the calls for more diverse writership seem disingenous in light of it), but I don’t particularly care about The New Gay, so I’m not interested in investing a lot of time into critiquing the article. Which isn’t a judgement on those who do care about TNG; I just don’t happen to.

    But really, I can’t see WHY one apparently needs to read a ten-page, footnoted article to realize that little gems like this …

    “At one point, however, an extremely (and admittedly) butch Latino lesbian took a genuinely moving speech about her resulting personal struggles to a crescendo.”

    … are sexist, racist, and butchphobic as all get-out. “Admittedly”? The hell is THAT supposed to mean? “Genuinely moving”? As opposed to?

  • Zack Rosen said:

    I used the term “admittedly” because she characterized herself as butch. It was what a lot of the speech was about. I wanted to qualify it so people knew that I was using her own self-descriptors and not making a value judgement. I’m sorry if that particular word choice was incorrect.

    Genuinely moving because it was a great speech, and the only exception I took to it was the one I described.

  • Zack Rosen said:

    And second question: You have two assumptions to make about me based on this article. The first is that I’m butchphobic, racist and transphobic based on an essay or a word choise and the second is that I’m not, but points of this article suggested otherwise. Why is it always easier to toss ists/isms/phobias around then it is to point out the areas of contention, explain how they you feel they are harmful, take into where account the other person is coming from, and continue the dialogue in a way that has a positive result?

  • queer blogger said:

    Also, JSTG, I think you just go to prove the point of Zack’s original piece.

  • josh little said:


    Everyone settle down. I will admit that I was shocked when I saw that The new Gay was reaching out to the QPOC community. As a black gay male I always felt very much so on the outside when it came to the content found on this website.

    I will read it again but I remember feeling extremely uncomfortable when I read the “in the defense of the white gay male” article. And not the good, questioning boundaries, raising awareness, type of uncomfortable. The, this is a huge step back for both white gay males type of uncomfortable.

    I will consider writing a response.


  • white anti-racist said:

    It’s fabulous that you recognize a need to have more diverse voices on your blog, but you can’t just send out a notice and expect the testimonies to start flooding in. Most QPOC and trans folk can smell that shit from a mile away, and are not in the business of educating dominant society about their “plight” because there isn’t much incentive that anything will change, and constantly getting cross-examined (white people claiming you are making it up or being overly-sensitive or reactionary) is emotionally exhausting.

    To bring more diversity to TNG you have to be honest and organic about it. Openly recognize that you have a diversity problem here and ask communities of color what YOU can do to address it, not the other way around. The “Race” and “Gender Identity” tabs are a start but every post on here needs to consider individual’s intersecting identities if you truly want to make this blog inclusive.

    Do the work!

  • deceptikub said:

    Wait, you mean no one at TNG even knows a “QPOC” they can personally ask? That’s alarming.

  • deceptikub said:

    Also, the article linked above was a bit douchey, but typically so. I’m sorry you feel like you’re not able to speak openly about issues of race and gender because of your privileged position. At least you’re visible and in the position to be heard.

  • Kyle said:

    This is one of those arguments I can see both sides of, and therefore is extremely frustrating to ‘listen in’ on because both sides seem so damned obtuse. I therefore submit the following suggestions:

    White people: if you are sincere about improving racial relations and understanding (instead of making token gestures toward political correctness) then realize that you have a lot of ‘unknown unknowns’: that a lifetime of privilege has so blinkered you that you don’t even know what you don’t know, and therefore don’t even know what to ask or how to ask for it. Ask anyway, but accept that even the questions may arouse justifiable anger. And please be prepared to be humble and to listen to criticism that at first will not seem justified.

    POCs: if you are sincere about improving racial relations and understanding (as opposed to looking for opportunities to vent your resentment*) then please understand that growing up in a total immersion of privilege has left white people completely clueless and in need of great education; however, there are some white people who seriously want to understand and improve the situation. If those people are automatically and vehemently criticized from the start, the dialogue will shut down before it begins and the situation will continue.

    *Resentment is certainly understandable and justified; but in my (admittedly subjective) observations, resentment isn’t a good foundation for progress, dialogue and growth. Perpetually angry people do not make good leaders or good examples, much less good friends or partners. Resentment is about tearing things down; moving past resentment is about building things up — IM(very)HO.

  • Bruhrabbit said:

    I asked myself, “Should I apply?”

    James Balwin is my patron saint. If his life was the Trifecta. Mines has been the quartet.

    I read the link. I think you were being an unintentional douche too.

    As a gay man, why do you want to hang out with other gay men? Why do you want friends? Is it only for sex? Or, is it a deeper longing for people who understand you without explanation?

    The problem is empathy. You may have it. But, I am not sure you know how to express it. So, that’s where my doubt lies. We all have these issues. The question is whether we are (a) aware of it and (b) willing to do anything about it.

  • Doctor Whom said:

    Regarding the “douche” comments, how is it not misogynist to use a term relating to feminine hygiene as an all-purpose pejorative?

  • Bruhrabbit said:

    Good question. I will answer yours as soon as you answer mines.