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7 June 2011, 2:00 pm 4 Comments

TumblAlert!: Gay Men Draw Vaginas

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One of TNG’s omniscient Stasi-like cultural informants tipped us off to this alternaqueer gem, a tumblr aptly titled Gay Men Draw Vaginas. Created, maintained, and (very liberally) edited by shadowy homosexual types whose work requires anonymity (if, indeed, they were given conventional Christian names at all by their loveless underworldly demon-sires ), the site very smartly demonstrates what happens when gay men are asked to represent female genitalia – those yawning and unfathomable voids of existential insecurity, primordial jealousy, and cooties – in cartoon form:


I watched a friend of mine draw a vagina on a dinner table mat and it looked totally wrong. So I asked his boyfriend to draw one and while his drawing had serious flaws it made me wonder what my other male friends who only have sex with men imagined of vaginas. All of a sudden I wanted to see a drawing of a vagina by every one of these men. Aside from it being interesting to see how people interpret the same object, it’s especially curious to see how gay men visually represent the vagina when most of the vag-oriented images we see in pop culture are produced by straight men. So now the tumblr includes a small library of vag drawings by men who have a whole different vag-orientation than the makers of most vag representations — whether artistic, pornographic or medical

Turns out it’s kind of like the things you might expect to see magneted to the refrigerator of Jean Cocteau and Georgia O’Keefe if they’d raised an autistic hipster lovechild. Submit your own fanciful Here Be Dragons imaginings to DRAWVAGINAS@GMAIL.COM, and keep on pretending you’ve never watched straight porn.

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  • Vulva said:

    Um, they’re called “vulvas.” Babies come through vaginas.

  • SheilaG said:

    Depicing a woman body with no head is not feminst or equal act. This is profoudly offensive to lesbians. What does this say about lesbian and women’s right to a porn free and woman obectifying free world?

  • Doctor Whom said:

    What does this say about lesbian and women’s right to a porn free and woman obectifying free world?

    Hi, Rick Santorum.

  • Laura P. said:

    Doctor Whom: I don’t see the resemblance at all.