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New York City: THEATER: Kushner, Kaufman, and Shakespeare in the Park

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Event Details: THEATER: Kushner, Kaufman, and Shakespeare in the Park - : Wednesday, June 1, Thursday, June 2Thursday, June 2, Friday, June 3Friday, June 3, Saturday, June 4Saturday, June 4, Sunday, June 5Sunday, June 5


The stage is just starting to heat up this summer. Three superb playwrights have work Off Broadway, Broadway, and Central Park. Tony Kushner, Moises Kaufman, and William Shakespeare. My advice – SEE THEM ALL!


Tony Kushner has two plays Off Broadway, The Illusion (through July 17th) and The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide To Capitalism With A Key To The Scriptures (June 12th).  Tip: All tickets for The Illusion are $20, and tickets for iHo can be purchased an hour before the performance for $20 if available.


Moises Kaufman has adapted Tennessee Williams’ One Arm, an unproduced screenplay to staggering effect (through July 2nd), and directing Rajiv Joseph’s Bengal Tiger on Broadway starring Robin Williams (through July 3rd). Tip: You’ll find 50% off tickets at the TKTS booth on Broadway, btw 46th & 47th Street.


And finally, the single greatest thing to do in NYC on a summer night, Shakespeare in the Park. Beginning Monday June 6th and running through July 30th –  a line of die hard theater believers will begin to arrive at 6am to wait in line for FREE tickets to the evenings performance. The early will always be rewarded – and not just for tickets but the experience that unfolds while waiting in line until tickets are issued (2 to each person) at 1pm. This year The Public has chosen MEASURE FOR MEASURE and ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL – performed in repertory. Tip: Once the reviews are out in the papers – it becomes necessary to arrive by 7am. Bring a blanket, a chair, a friend, and local diner and restaurant delivery guys come by with menus to place orders. It’s an unforgettable blast.


Tony Kushner – For Details & Tickets for The Illusion & iHo

Moises Kaufman – For Details & Tickets for ONE ARM & Bengal Tiger

William Shakespeare – For Details & Tickets for Shakespeare in the Park *Be sure to check out Calendar, Ticket Guidelines

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