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In Case You Missed It: The New Gay Week in Review

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Those of you who make a habit of reading DC insider blogs/ following national politics/ watching television at all/ drawing breath are already painfully aware of the latest blow to America’s confidence in electoral democracy: Rep. Anthony Weiner’s unflattering dick pic scandal has compelled the nation to sober up from it’s carefree socioeconomic boom-time and ask itself tough questions: How many more cock shots does Andrew Breitbart have on his Iphone? Does circumcision make all bulges look that small, or just liberals’?  And, most importantly: Do you have any idea what this country could do if it were run by shamelessly sex-positive queers who didn’t get hung up on this shit? As visions of heroically uninhibited totalitarian orgies dance in your head, check out some highlights of this week’s content:

In Ideas:

In Culture:

F*** Ruben Diaz is happening Saturday, in New York, at the Metropolitan Bar on Lorimer street, at 8pm. At least two of us DC kids are making the Bolt Bus pilgrimage to Brooklyn, which means you can’t be too generous in buying us drinks.

It’s DC Pride weekend, and Intern Adam has been slaving over a hot laptop an undisclosed number of hours a day to make sure the events calendar is full. If you click around enough to meet his traffic quota, we’ll let him out of his crate.

DCers note: those neon nightlife luminaries at Brightest Young Gays are staging this year’s Pride Party tonight at the Newseum. Tickets available online for the brightest, youngest, thingliest evening you’re likely to have this month.

Giveaways multiply like anatomically inconvenient mosquito bites at an early summer skinnydipping party: everyone check out Friendly Fires and Ford & Lopatin CDs; DCers take a look at tickets for Marina & The Diamonds, Junior Boys, and swell Michael Jackson tribute outfit Who’s Bad; New Yorkers content yourselves with tickets to ‘The Declaration” at the Robert Moss Theatre; and San Francisco – open your golden gate to Hard French Pride! Want TNG to help give away free cool stuff in your neck of the woods? Hit up marketing [at] thenewgay.net, and we’ll see what we can do.




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