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28 June 2011, 12:00 pm One Comment

Sex: Kink Q&A’s, June 2011

This post was submitted by Master Aiden

Questions and Answers are always fun so let’s have a stab at some new ones:

Q:  Would you be willing to teach my partner and I how to do some Bondage and Discipline on each other?  I’m looking for an instructional session, not a personal one.

A:  Of course.  Figure out a day and time with your partner and let’s schedule one.

Q:  Master Aiden, I enjoy reading your blog and your “Yes, Master” articles.  I have to ask (please don’t be offended) but why do you appear so nice?  Are you really like that?  How can a Dom actually be that way?

A:  I’m not offended.  You would have to work very, very hard to offend me in any capacity.  I’m from Detroit, for God’s sake…..  When you regularly bind and whip people as a normal part of your weekday, it’s amazing how relaxed you can be.  I am, usually, a nice person.  I try not to be too corny when it comes to the Master stuff (especially when I’m writing on my blog) because I have a low tolerance for decorum and pretense….but I work in a field that is heavy with decorum and pretense.  I don’t know.  I don’t want to come across as scary or vicious–I just want everyone to have a good time and try to create fantastical situations because…..we can.  If that makes any sense?  But my mom recently accused me of being callous and mean-spirited so maybe it’s all starting to catch up with me.  We’ll see.

Q:  I have a fantasy about having a session where there are 2 or 3 Masters abusing me.   Do you have any other Masters that you work with, Master Aiden, who you could invite into a session?

A: I do know other Masters that would be willing to co-Dom with me for a session.  Just be aware, please, that these kinds of sessions are not at all cheap and are usually reserved for high-roller types.  If you can afford it, go for it, hotshot.

Q:  Dear Master Aiden:  I have a fantasy where I’m tied up and left in an alley and then you come back 2 hours later, kidnap me, take me to your dungeon, and make me your private slave.  Can we do a session like that?

A:  Ugh. You know that I can’t tie you up in an alley and leave you for 2 hours. What if people think that it’s a real situation? What if some driver isn’t paying attention (big shock) and accidentally runs you over?  And the rats. There are some big damn rats in some of the alleys in Chicago. Do you want them nibbling on your nuts while you’re tied up on the pavement? Maybe you do, but I guess I’m not that hardcore and I’m not into that kind of shit. Look, can’t we just have a “normal” session where I chain you up and “kidnap” you in the dungeon? At least that way you don’t have to worry about getting rabies … I think.

Q:  What do you usually wear when you’re in session?

A:  It depends on the session.

Q:  Hey, I’d like to hire you to give me a massage.  Could you come over tonight at 8?

A:  Like a “sexy massage”? No. I don’t give massages. I’d probably suck at that. I have friends who are masseurs (legit ones), who are very talented and hard-working. I don’t think that they’re “sexy masseurs.” What are we talking about?  A massage or a “massage (wink, wink)”?  I’m so confused but, really, it doesn’t matter. I don’t do massages or “massages,” but I do know how to hogtie you and electrocute you. How does that sound?  It’s almost like getting a massage, but it’s a little bit different.  And, by the way, you have to schedule your session at least 24 hours in advance because I’m all about meticulous scheduling and I’m a busy guy.  Mainly because I spend a large part of my day answering questions, some of which are sincere, some of which are kind of ridiculous.

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