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Poetry: Jaded

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Submission by Roger Dail, first-time TNG contributor

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These streets I walk,
From the depth of my being,
The chill of this place,
Shuttering down my spine,
I long to be far away,
I wonder how long I would have to walk,
To find a place where my wounds could be healed,
How far away does one go?
To get away from the narrow cries of broken yesterdays,
I want to outrun my skin,
Break away from this ghetto,
I long for days,
Dancing amongst the ruins of yesteryear,
I want to be naïve again,
I want back into the days,
Before all of the pain and bullshit ever faded the edges of my beauty,
“It won’t be long now,”
“I’m scared,”
“Of what my child,
You know what is to come,”
“But I still know not,
If I will make it”
I am merely,
Every day,

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