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9 June 2011, 2:00 pm One Comment

Homoground: Episode 14

Crossposted with permission from Lynn Casper

This week’s mix features three Tar Heel bands: Mount Moriah (Durham), The Moaners (Chapel Hill), and Filthy Bird (Graham.)


Check out more of the featured artists below. Like what you hear? Find more from the Homoground podcast.

Are you a band/musician from a small town with hard audience to crack? Are you an avid music lover who wishes that more queer bands would tour through your town? HOMOGROUND is a new music podcast showcasing under-the-radar queer bands of all genres and making their music accessible no matter where you live. New episodes roll out every Thursday, so be sure to take a listen!


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  • music lady said:

    where’s the link to listen to it?